Wan Jen

I think that I have not done justice to my potential in academics. I help my parents in carrying out their daily work. I am a good friend and try to help them In whatever way I can. I willingly take responsibilities given to me and perform effectively and do the best. I always try and help my brother and sister whenever they need me.
Aims in life/Qualities I would like to improve: I am putting all my efforts in my academics to do well. I am also working on all my flaws and developing them in the best possible way I can.

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Wan Jen

I think that I have not done justice to my potential in academics. I help my parents in carrying out their daily work. I am a good friend and try to help them In whatever way I can. I willingly take responsibilities given to me and perform effectively and do the best. I always try and help my brother and sister whenever they need me.
Aims in life/Qualities I would like to improve: I am putting all my efforts in my academics to do well. I am also working on all my flaws and developing them in the best possible way I can.

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Alphons Kahuhu Koruhama

I am Alphons Koruhama a young social entrepreneurship. I am advocating for youth unemployment in Namibia to be reduced, and that moved to established a company that training young people to start their business. Our company focuses on this three areas.
1. Career Development- where we help school dropouts especially girls to find their lost dream due to hardship or whatever causes their failure by mentoring them and sourcing funds for them to go back to schools or University.
2. Entrepreneur Development- Where we foster economic transformation by helping young entrepreneurs who are at the startup level, to train, mentor and create networks for them with established business. and link them to potentials investors.
3. EAT-IT which stand for Energy, Agriculture, Tourism and Information Technology- Where we train the youth to start business in this sectors, and try to link these sectors together by incorporating all them together.
With this initiatives we host pitching competitions for our trainees and also conference to engage them with those in public offices and networking events.

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Ann Busari

I have lived in several countries, my spouse also being a foreigner and I’m in Trinidad to set up a church to give back to the communities and we are also sell used foreign heavy duty machines, cars and car parts.

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Sabastine Chuks Adikankwu

I am a young man, honest and trustworthy, hard working and dicated to duties smart and intelligent adding value to human life and hoping on the best in life my wish is to live and work in USA and will be very happy to achieve that dream.

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Sabastine Chuks Adikankwu

I am a young man, honest and trustworthy, hard working and dicated to duties smart and intelligent adding value to human life and hoping on the best in life my wish is to live and work in USA and will be very happy to achieve that dream.

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Emeline Fodje

My name is Emeline Fodje. I’m an Insurance agent working with American Income Life which is a 100% union insurance company. I just started with them and hope to build my business from ground up.

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Ran Porat

Co-Founder of the Association of Israelis in Australia (AIA)

AIA’s mission statement:
To embolden the Israeli community in Australia, to strengthen its ties with the State of Israel and to find pathways to better connect with the Jewish community

Main Characteristics:
1. A federal organisation which is based and operates within Australia, with branches in each Australian state.
2. A democratic not-for-profit and transparent organisation.
3. A non political organisation, nor a lobbying body.

1. To strengthen, support and develop all sectors and features of the Israeli community of Australia.
2. To work collaboratively with the governments of Israel and Australia, and with the Jewish community or any other body, for the benefit of Israelis in Australia.
3. To encourage a positive and contributing Australian citizenship by Israelis in Australia.
4. To maintain a strong affiliation to the state of Israel and ties to it.
5. To be respectful of the Jewish faith and its values.

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Itibari M Zulu

I am the Senior Editor of Africology: The Journal of Pan African Studies, an open access online scholarly journal at www,jpanafrican.org. I hold the following degrees: Th.D., M.L.S., B.A., A.A. from colleges/universities in California.

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Bolanle Ayodeji Ogunfuye

I am Mr. Bolanle Ogunfuye 42 years old. I studied accounting and have Master in Business Administration(Finance).
I have worked in over 5 companies with over 11 years of wealth of experience.
I wish to start a business of with vision and mission to assist companies in the purchasing and delivery.
I have come to join this Diaspora Engager for capacity and network building. Also to seek business opportunities that can transcend to generation coming.
I am a family man with children.

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Ray Kronquist

I am president of Chemists Without Borders, and I am interested in education, health care, the environment, entrepreneurship in developing countries.

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Restart is a social biz which operates as a business embassy for the diaspora organizations and foreign companies. We handle business requests as well as facilitate foreign investments, by leveraging our network and their contacts around the world.
Restart aims to serve entrepreneurs, business-oriented individuals, and municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina needing better international networks, a better information base, as well as direct and indirect investments. On the other side, there are members of the Bosnian diaspora who desire to directly take part in the economic and social transformation of their homeland.

For these companies or individuals who have a hard time navigating through the Bosnian legal framework and complex administrative processes, Restart offers a solution on a “turnkey” basis, which includes:
Handling various administrative procedures required for a company registration in Municipal Court
Finding a suitable office and handling office lease paperwork
Offering experienced accountants and lawyers
HR Recruitment: Selection of Managing Director and staff
Consulting on business processes

RESTART contributes to the economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina through:
Promotion of entrepreneurship and business development and consequently – direct and indirect contribution to increasing employment;
Increase in foreign investments;
Inspiring Bosnians in Scandinavia, the United States and elsewhere to contribute to the economic development of Bosnia and Herzegovina;
Raising awareness in Bosnia and Herzegovina about the importance of diaspora engagement in development of the country;
Building of platforms for direct participation in various initiatives;
Building channels for sharing important news on business development in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Paul Kimani Migwi

Am a Kenyan citizen aged twenty Five years old, Holding a Diploma in Computer Science, Health and Safety Certificate,Hospitality Management, M.O.I Certificate, Fire warden Certificate and First AID Certificate at Enertech Qatar Institute, possessing Certificate of Secondary and Primary School and Holding BCE Driving Licence of 4 Years’ Experience I am currently working at Gss certis in Qatar as Sr.Security Supervisor in Lusail city Qatari diar on my fourth year. worked in BM Security as Sr.Security Supervisor in Kenya for two years.

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Bimadraj Sinha

Advanced Strategy Expert from IIM Calcutta with 8 Years experience in Technical architecture and product design, Over 10 years in Sales and Marketing strategy.
Proficiency in formulating, Developing and implementing Yearly Business strategies to ensure attainment of revenue goals and profitable sell-through.Proficient in ASP .NET, including: PHP, and In-depth knowledge of Telecom protocols like GSM, SIP and H.323 have worked extensively on Asterisk and Astute. Designed and developed own GSM and VOIP billing system and successfully implemented in Vyke Communications, Norway, Implementation in Aircel ILD billing. Implemented GPON integration Fair knowledge of implementation of 4G and LTE and IOT,

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Rick Kronk

almost 20 years in Europe working among North African Muslim immigrants from 1995 – 2013. Back in the US to engage with the host of internationals residing in this country.

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Ferdinand Tanyi Tabe

I worked as a controller of taxes in the Ministry of Finance, under the forestry Revenue Enhancements Programe. Execution and implementation of government taxation policy.

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JohnUbong Silas

John-Ubong Silas is a leading consultant with specialization in international education and partnership development. He currently serves as the Chief Relationship Officer at JUS Consulting, a consulting company targeting educational institutions, government agencies, and nonprofits in the United States and Africa. At JUS Consulting, John-Ubong focuses on partnership development, program design and implementation, and strategic communication.

John-Ubong combines 10 years of experience in the US higher education system and international development. His work experience spans positions in leading American think tanks, United States Congress, U.S. federal government agencies, non-profit organizations, and universities. Most recently, John-Ubong consulted for Olashore International School in Osun State Nigeria, a top Nigerian historical secondary school. He led the implementation of the institution’s global leadership curriculum, trained administrators on leadership development, and designed the school’s social responsibility strategy for Nigerian corporations such as MTN and GT Bank.

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Gilbert Abilinsa Abasimi

Council of Ghanaian Nationals in Italy. (COGNAI). An Umbrella Organization covering about 28 Provincial Associations all over Italy.
Promotion of Unity amongst Ghanaian Associations adnd Ghanaian migrants in Italy.
Promoting auto-self-help activities amognst migrants.
Enhancing human Capacities of Ghanaian migrants in Italy
Promoting Integration of migrants in Italy
Promoting intercultural activities.
Pormoting Co-development projects through migrants

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Su Nge Nge Kyaw

Su Nge Nge Kyaw
No 89, Jln Mulia 1/4, Taman Mulia, Contact : 012-9405626
Bukit Antarabangsa, Ampang, Email : moonshadows.su@gmail.com/
68000, Selangor , Malaysia

Date of Birth: 30.6.1988
Citizenship: Myanmar
Malaysian Permanent Resident
City of birth: Mandalay
Current city
of residence : Malaysia
Marital Status: Single
Religion: Islam

I was born in 1988 in Burma. At the age of five, I migrated with my parents to Malaysia. I underwent my primary and secondary education in Fairview International School, Kuala Lumpur. I passed my GCE O Level with outstanding performances in English Language, English Literature, Geography and History and was also president of the Fairview School Art Club. I was prefect for both the primary and secondary years and was also the Secretary for the Sports House Venus. I garnered successive distinctions in English Language for the New South Wales English Competitions held annually in the Secondary years. Having studied in Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyah of Laws in the International Islamic University of Malaysia, Gombak , I graduated with L.L.B (Honours), 2nd Class Upper, in October 2011.

I have experience in handling people from all walks of life. I formerly worked as a teacher at Brillington Language Centre, took counselling as a co-curricular course in IIUM, handled abused domestic workers, refugees and migrant workers in Tenaganita as part of my Legal Aid Training. I have also done charity work and orchestrated personal campaigns to help collect funding and basic amenities for the Rohingya Community in Malaysia. Therefore, I have a good grasp of the techniques used to pacify distressed persons and pinpoint underlying problems.
I also have experience in analyzing and addressing root causes of problems and handling extensive legal documentation, along with experience in research on points of law and application of the said points to legal issues.
I have also had the privilege of determining refugee statuses of asylum seekers in UNHCR Malaysia starting from September 2013 to date, according to the 19511 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees and 1967 Protocol.

Professional Goals
I wish to hone my legal skills in the field of human rights where I think it’s most needed and plan to contribute to society by balancing out the disparity in resources, rights and education between the privileged and the needy; and raise awareness about injustices being committed by those in power against the powerless and voiceless.

Education History
1995 to 2005 Fairview International School, Kuala Lumpur
In top 5 positions throughout all classes from Junior 1 to Junior 4.
2 Distinctions(for each year) in the University of New South Wales International English Competition for Schools
Award of exemplary leadership as a Prefect from 2002-2005
Secretary of Prefectorial Board
Secretary of Sports House Venus
Annual Athletic Meet( Sprinting 100m, 200m, 400m):Gold, Silver, Bronze
Member of culinary, mural and needlework club
President of Arts & Craft Club
May 2005 Fairview International School, Kuala Lumpur
GCE O’ Level :
Commerce( A)
English Language ( A)*
English Literature (A)*
Geography (A)*
History (A)*
Computer Programming( B)
Malay Language (B)
* Received Best Performance Awards ( Graduating Class of 2005, May)

Pre University
2006 to 2007, International Islamic University Malaysia Matriculation Centre
Dean’s List Year 2006-2007
3.668 CGPA

2008- 2011, International Islamic University, Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyah of Laws, Gombak
Extra Curricular Activities
UITM Novice Debate 09’, Top Ten Teams
Mock Trial Scriptwriter
3 month Internship at the Regional Arbitration Centre of Kuala Lumpur
Took counselling as a co curricular credited subject and passed with A.
Was in TailoRAG- Legal Article Writing Club
Was in Mooting and Debate Classes ad competitions
Archery, Swimming and Futsal( Sports)
2011 Graduated with CGPA 3.00, Qualification: LLB( Honours), 2nd Class Upper

Masters (LLM) in Univerity of Malaya – August 2013 to Current
Mixed Mode Coursework and 40,000 word thesis
2013/2014 Semester 1 – International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (A-)
– Alternative Dispute Resolution (A-)
– International Environmental Law (A-)
2014 Semester 2 (currently undergoing)

Working Experience

September 2013 to current
UNHCR Malaysia Refugee Status Determination Senior Protection Assistant GL5 (UNOPS) contract)
    - Under Anna Pelosi, RSD (Unit Head)
    - Interviewing Asylum seekers to assess whether they have a claim under the Convention Grounds
(Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees and 1967 Protocol)
    - Adjudicating Refugee claims according to UNHCR mandate RSD procedures
    - Producing detailed assessments of adjudicated refugee claims
    - Experience in handling vulnerable persons of concern (rape, sexual and gender based violence
    - Knowledge and experience in handling asylum seekers from Asia West – Sri Lankan, Pakistan,
Iranian and Afghanistan
    - Experience in giving rejection counselling (to failed asylum seekers)
    - Research and compilation of relevant country of origin information
    - Underwent Extensive Refugee Status Determination Training ( March 2014) in Bangkok
September 2012 to December 2013 (UNOPS contract)
UNHCR Malaysia Resettlement Assistant GL4 (UNOPS)
Under Michael Wells, RST (Unit Head)
Scheduling P2 Interviews
Conducting Resettlement Counselling Interviews (with a focus on Myanmar Muslims)
Replying to RST queries through email
Assisting Supervisor in scheduling and the tasks associated with it
Experience in doing monthly P1 and P2 resettlement submissions to USA
Experience in handling specific country missions (i.e New Zealand)

2007 to 2011
Worked part time as an English Teacher at Brillington Language Centre teaching students aged 5 to 22
Worked part time at MIHAS (The Malaysian International Halal Showcase)
Interned at the Regional Centre for Arbitration, Kuala Lumpur – attended confidential arbitration case briefs with Director Mr Sundra Rajoo ( 3 months)

September 2011 t0 June 2012
Pupillage at the law firm Raja, Darryl & Loh (9 months), specialized in the Banking and litigation Sector
Legal Aid Training at Tenaganita (NGO for trafficked and abused migrant workers)
Experience in representing unrepresented migrant workers with no documents.
Bailing out migrant workers arrested even though they have valid UNHCR documents.
Experience in counselling and documentation
Dealing with embassy protocols
Experience in handling cases under the ATIP Act (Anti Trafficking in Persons Act), CPC (Criminal Procedure Code).
Experience in handling unpaid wages cases, labour and employment law
Experience in going to Industrial Court
Experience in handling sexual harassment and abuse cases

Fluent in English, Malay and Burmese ( Myanmar)
Legal Analysis, Legal Research and Application Skills
Legal Documentation
Representing undocumented persons in court
Writing (Essays, Articles, Journals, Columns, Opinions, Case and Book Reviews)
Good communication and people skills
Drafting detailed Refugee Status Determination Assessments according to the 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees and 1967 Protocol

Outdoor sports – Climbing, Hiking, Mountaineering
Art & Music
Human Rights
International Human Rights & Humanitarian Law

Personality Traits
Passionate about human rights
Questioning and curious
Natural tendency to challenge status quo
Strong adherence to ethics and universal principles

Personal Ambition/ Personality in a nutshell
    My personality can best be described by the fact that I believe strongly in justice and equality for all mankind irrespective of creed, race, gender, social disposition and so forth. Since a very young age my father had instilled in me the core values of humanity and principles which I hold as my central belief system. The bottom line is that I’ve always been able to empathize and fight for the underdogs in any situation as I believe that justice and fairness makes no discrimination. However, at the same time I do have one foot stuck in the door of reality with the simple knowledge that the life of this world is not meant to support a Utopian fantasy. However, that does not mean that we, as human beings should stop striving to bring out the best of humanity. This is because there is a very fine line between what makes us animals and what makes us humans and I believe that all of us were born with the right and potential to be human in the best way possible.
     Therefore it is the responsibility of those with a voice in this life to balance the huge gap of inequality between themselves and the voiceless and desperate. Hence it follows that any attempt -whether ill informed, ignorant or purposeful – to debase the light of humanity and a person’s rights should be nipped in the bud. As Prophet Muhammad said – “Even as the fingers of the two hands are equal, so are human beings equal to one another. No one has any right, nor any preference to claim over another” and as Gautama Buddha said, “ Light a lamp for someone else, it will also brighten your path” – it is clear to me that firstly, we are humans only to the extent that we help other people transcend their humanity; that is, in ensuring they get the same basic rights as everyone else. Secondly, it is evident that even universal mores of conduct warn against creating class differences as no man is superior to another in terms of fundamental rights.
    I believe that the only way to realize the best of my potential in my time here is to help such oppressed, used, abused and powerless peoples who have been denied their fundamental right(s) to realize their full potential as human beings. Things that come easily to some of us like security, sustenance and love; these are universal rights that everyone in the world should be entitled to amongst many others. The breach and denial of such universal values and rights results in a tear in the fabric of humanity that cannot be reconciled nor healed except by us speaking up and doing something about these breaches and denials. Because ultimately that tear in the fabric of humanity is not an individualistic injury- it is one which will maim the collective soul of the world and when that happens it will affect each and everyone of us and take away our common discerning factor: humanity.
Objective of seeking job
I hope to be able to preserve whatever is left of this once lovely fabric of humanity, and what better way to help my own people who are facing persecution by the Burmese Government than by speaking up and utilizing my legal and inherent analytical and writing skills to help the oppressed and voiceless in any which way that am capable of.

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Sameson Louis

Economic Development for Cap-Haïtien (EDCH) is a non-profit, development resource organization. It serves as a means to revitalize Cap-Haïtien socially, ecologically and economically.

Haiti has been suffering from brain drain. “More Haitian college graduates have left Haiti, per capita, than any other country in the world. When you think of the talent that Haiti has produced that benefits us and others, what we want to do is make it possible for any bright, young, ambitious Haitian to stay home and to build his or her country” (Secretary Clinton). In times of crises, foreigners often represent Haiti in the media and speak on behalf of the Haitian people. They explain the Haitian history, but exploit the Haitian culture. They determine the fate of the Haitian people. However, the Haitian presence is critical at this stage, particularly, in communities abroad. Haitians ought to respond to the call of duty and take control of Haiti’s destiny in order to avoid a total national disaster.

The goal of this project is to revitalize our communities, making the public domain environmentally friendly, fostering education, providing clean water, creating economic opportunity, establishing a business center, campaigning for proper sanitation and hygiene, serving hot meals twice a day, and administering healthcare services.

Haiti is an uncharted territory in terms of public affairs. Typically, foreign personnel and agents spearhead community and economic development. Economic Development for Cap-Haïtien is a Haitian effort that will operate under Haitian beliefs and values. Furthermore, it is a bottom-up initiative. Participative decision-making, consensus building, and ethical leadership are the cornerstones of EDCH. Haiti, traditionally, has a top-down structural society, which means that input from the public or community members is usually unwanted. In an effort to spur a paradigm shift, EDCH engages all community members in the strategic planning process to ensure civic engagement and inclusion.

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Lawrence Dunham

Lawrence Dunham
Address: 7 Crane Court, Sheen Gate Gardens, London, SW14 7PE Mobile: 07511262528; Email: lawrence.dunham@developingafrica.net

Date of Birth: 30th January 1995

Education: 2013 – Present – University Of Southampton
BSC Politics and Economics – Expected 1st Class Honours

2006 – 2013 – Christ’s Hospital
International Baccalaureate
Higher Level; 5 Maths, 6 Economics, 5 Physics
Standard Level; 6 English, 6 Spanish, 6 Geography
2 Core Points; 36

6 A*’s (English Literature, Latin, Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Geography)
5 A’s (English language, Physics, Chemistry, History, ICT)


2014 – Present; Developing Africa
Development value chain, web based intelligence and data aggregation service
Heading the Youth Entrepreneurship Program
• Engaging the diaspora within the UK and Africa
• Acting as joint venture to the company, providing my marketing services within the youth

Summer 2013 – Kenya Independent Research Study
Company Research at different sectors of employment
• Ranging from primary, secondary and tertiary businesses that were all selectively chosen who showcased an ethical- non corrupt background
• Analysing the role that they play locally and nationally to support the future development of the country
• Understanding the setbacks specifically within intra African trade and the subsequent reasoning to trade outside the continent

Foreign Report – July 2012 – July 2013
Editorial Internship
• Building up an extensive portfolio of weekly article written on current affairs, which developed by literary and communication skills

Summer 2012 – Paragon Housing
Marketing Internship
• Researched on clients willing offer venues for fundraising.
• Created samples for poster design which could be distributed around the community.
• Began development of the company’s new website using WordPress at the end presenting ideas to the team leader

Personal Interests:
An avid reader of economic journals, particularly behavioural economics; an interest which I have evidenced on writing a paper analysing the effect of price discrimination in the aviation industry.
Highly interested in the field of international development, attending lectures such as Paul Collier’s at LSE on Development Economics called ‘Divergence of the Bottom Billion’
My passion is within Politics and as my company developingAfrica develops I hope to use the experience and knowledge gained to make a difference to society

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Marouen BEDHIAFI, Architecte
Coordinateur de Projets
Residence “les Pins” Hamam-Chatt , Tunis, Tunisia 1164
Telephone: +216 225 44038- +216 989 99423 Fax: E-Mail: bedhiafi.marouen@gmail.com
M. Marouen BEDHIAFI est diplômé en architecture avec les honneurs avec plus de 7 ans d’expérience dont 5 ans dans l’architecture et la gestion de projet et de deux ans dans la gestion des ventes dans les pays en développement. Il à une très forte capacité d’identifier les besoins des clients contribuent à y répondre par la conception et la mise en oeuvre des projets. Il est connu dans la coordination du projet et surtout la (Costumer Relationship Management (CRM)). Il a développé un sens élevé de responsabilité lors de la mise en oeuvre des projets, il est compétent en matière de suivi et d’évaluation à l’aide du concept des règles de gestion axée sur les résultats (Result Based management RBM). Il aime aider les membres de son équipe et aider les clients dans les différentes phases du cycle de projet. Il a également assuré des activités de relations publiques.
M. Marouen BEDHIAFI est à la recherche de nouvelles responsabilités au sein d’une organisation internationale, en les aidants dans la réalisation de défis mondiaux tels que l’aide des populations afin de répondre aux besoins de base et les aidants à avoir une vie meilleure dans un environnement durable.
 Solides compétences en matière de coordination et d’exécution du projet.
 Capacité à identifier les besoins des clients et de contribuer à y remédier par la conception de nouveaux projets.
 Bonnes compétences dans la relation clientèle (Costumer Relationship Management (CRM) dans des projets immobiliers.
 Très compétent dans la conception et l’élaboration de projets à l’aide de modèles 3D et de logiciels de conception architecturale.
 Compétence dans le suivi et évaluation à l’aide des règles de gestion axée sur les résultats (GAR).
 Soutient et assistance des clients et des membres des différentes équipes.
 La soif d’apprendre et la recherché de nouveaux défis.
 Capacité de travailler bien en équipe que tout seul (profil autonome, leader et sociable)
Page 2
ARCHITECTE CONSULTANT INDEPENDENT, Architecte et Coordinateur de projet 2009 à aujourd’hui
 Conception et mise en oeuvre de projets résidentiels.
 Mise en oeuvre de petits et moyens projets aussi bien résidentiels que commerciales.
 Coordonner les activités de construction et sous-traiter des tâches spécifiques.
 Gérer des équipes et des spécialistes dans divers domaines liés à la mise en oeuvre des projets de construction
et d’architecture.
 Assurer activités de surveillance et d’évaluation et de planification suivant les règles de gestion axées sur les
résultats (Result based management RBM).
 Agir en tant que Responsable de la Relation Client (CRM) en ce qui concerne les projets d’architecture et de
 Gérer et suivre l’approvisionnement pendant la phase de mise en oeuvre.
ATELIER W.S. AGENCE, Chef de Projet 2013
 Identifier les besoins des clients et contribuer à y remédier en élaborant des solutions (projets) très
 Coordonner les activités de mise en oeuvre au cours du cycle de divers projets.
 Suivi des activités de mise en oeuvre et gérer des équipes de travailleurs et gestionnaire de
R.F. ARCHITECTURE, Concepteur de projets 2012 -2013
 Identifier les besoins des clients.
 Etablir des projets de conception.
 Gérer la mise en oeuvre de projets immobiliers.
 Suivi de l’avancement des différents projets.
FORUM IMMOBILIER, Agent immobilier 2011 -2012
 Identifier les besoins des clients et créer des dossiers pour les acheteurs et les vendeurs de biens immobiliers.
 Organiser les planifications de visites pour les acheteurs et les vendeurs.
 Soutenir et aider les clients lors des visites et l’ensemble du processus de vente ou d’acquisition.
GHIDAOUI A., Concepteur 2010
 Identifier les besoins des clients pour les plans et modèles architecturaux.
 Assurer le suivi des projets lors du processus de conception et de vérifier que les besoins des clients sont
dûment pris en compte.
Page 3
BUTTERFLY Gammarth, Relation public 2009-2010
 Organiser des soirées VIP et promouvoir des événements.
 Assurer des activités de relations publiques.
 Gérer les activités et les équipes avant, pendant et après les événements.
SMTB Company, coordinateur de travaux 2009
 Formuler des demandes pour l’acquisition de l’équipement et du matériel.
 Le suivi de la conformité des éléments de passation des marchés au cours du processus de réception.
 Assurer le suivi de la mise en oeuvre des projets sur le site.
 Contrôler les équipes de travailleurs du bâtiment et établir leurs plannings.
 Aider les entrepreneurs et les clients (promoteurs) dans divers processus de conception et de mise en oeuvre du projet.
VOCALTECH, Téléopérateur (Center D’appel) 2007
 Prospecter de nouveaux clients européens pour les entreprises françaises de Telecom.
TELEPERFORMANCE, Téléopérateur (Center D’appel) 2006
 Prospecter de nouveaux clients européens pour les entreprises françaises de Telecom.
Page 4
Le programme prend 6 ans d’université dont une année de stage dans une entreprise. Le titulaire d’acquérir les compétences de base suivantes:
Gestion de projet en architecture (analyse de l’espace, la culture architecturale, la rénovation et le développement).
Conception et des modèles en utilisant des graphiques d’art et de l’informatique, y compris un logiciel professionnel technique.
Science et technologie (mathématiques, physique appliquées à la construction, résistance des matériaux, l’organisation des tâches, de l’équipement).
Sciences de l’environnement (impacts environnementaux, les produits matériels sur l’environnement de la maison).
Sciences humaines et sociales (anglais, histoire de l’art et de l’architecture, sociologie).
Droit et Management (droit de la construction et de l’urbanisme régulation, de protection de la propriété, la réglementation des marchés publics).
JEUNE CHAMBRE INTERNATIONALE (JCI), Vice Président (Secrétaire générale) 2014
JEUNE CHAMBRE INTERNATIONALE (JCI), Vice Président (Trésorier) 2013
ASSEMBLEE NATIONALE CONSTITUANTE(ANC), Observateur Nationale des élections du 23 Octobre 2011

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David Wachira

P.O.BOX 3286-00100

DATE OF BIRTH 12 December 1977
RELIGION Christian
CONTACTS PHONE: +254-(0)720-549-787/ (0)720-728-869(Leave
message with Ann Nyokabi Nderitu)
EMAIL ADDRESS daudiwachira@yahoo.com
MSc. Entrepreneurship
Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology (JKUAT)
(Waiting Graduation)
Bachelor of Commerce: (Accounting and Finance option)
Strathmore University
Grade – Second Class (Upper Division)
Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE)
Kanunga high school
Grade – C+

Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE)
Mutitu primary school
Marks obtained- 440
Certified Public Accountants Course (CPA-K)
Kenya Accounting Technicians Certificates Course
KATC (Intermediate & Final level)
Personal Computer Skills
Operating Systems, Ms-Word, MTX Accounting, Ms- Excel, Advance Excel, Electronic Message System, Quick book, Sage Accpac, Sage pastel evolution, Microsoft Dynamics Navision and Sun-plus Accounting System
• Oversee all finance, accounting, forecasting, budgeting, treasury, tax and corporate insurance functions
• Oversee the HR, legal administrative and facilities efforts.
• Directs all financial activities, advises, and assists the managing director in meeting or exceeding the overall financial and strategic objectives of the Company.
• Define standards, policies, procedures, measures, and organizational enhancements to meet company goals for finance.
• Prepare long-range financial forecasts by working collaboratively with other management team members and .Lead the effort in the planning and preparation of the annual budget.
• Regularly monitor and work closely with management in taking timely action to ensure that budgets and financial plans stay within approved levels.
• Ensure the accounting of revenues and expenses are performed in an accurate, efficient and timely manner in conformity with GAAP.
• Manage the daily cash balance and invest excess funds to achieve the most lucrative rate consistent with Company policy.
• Prepare monthly financial reports and related analyses in accordance with GAAP on a timely basis.

• Assist in the preparation of business plans and financial forecasting for other ventures/projects of or being considered by the Company.

• Coordinate preparation for external audits and filing of tax return and ensure proper maintenance of accounting records and documentation in compliance with statutory requirements and Company policies.

• Directly supervises nonsupervisory employees. Carries out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the organization’s policies and applicable laws. Responsibilities include interviewing, hiring and training employees; planning, assigning and directing work; appraising performance; rewarding and disciplining employees; addressing complaints and resolving problems.
• Engage the audit committee of the board of directors to develop financial plans and projections
• Represent the organization to financial partners (financial institutions, investors, foundation executives, auditors, public officials, etc.)
• Cash flow planning, investment and asset management
• Develop models for forecasting, business planning, pricing and reporting
• Review monthly financial position, prepares reports and makes strategic recommendations that ensure financial stability
• Manage finance strategies and activities, as well as banking relationships
• Serve as member of the management team and participate in enterprise wide problem solving and decision making

• Provide overall leadership, direction, coordination and development of finance and administration interventions
• Strengthen existing operating procedures and practices in line with labor, tax and insurance laws, service contracts and procurement;
• Develop and analyze monthly, quarterly, annual budget forecasts and expenditures and ensure that activities are implemented per approved funding agreements and budget lines;
• Ensure statutory compliance and to provide advice and technical assistance to the Executive Director;
• Manage and attend Administration, and Finance and Audit Committee meetings;
• Prepare, plan and implement resource mobilization strategies and business plans for sustainability and endowment building;
• Prepare, negotiate and liaise with external auditors and tax consultants, KRA, VAT refunds and other statutory institutions for compliance and staff benefits;
• Prepare all financial reports for funding programme grants in compliance with institutional and donor conditions, IFRs standards for decision making and discussions;
• Prepare monthly and quarterly financial and administrative reports for the Executive Director, Programme Manager and Board of Trustees to ensure effective forward planning, decision making and resource management;
• Provide support in management, monitoring and maintenance of the ICT digital assets, WAN and LAN infrastructure;
• Assisting to establish, recruit, supervise, discipline, train, mentor and appraisal of the finance and administration staff to build professionalism, accountability and action oriented approaches;
• Establish effective and harmonies working relationships intra and extra Thematic Areas and the organization;
• Custodian of all assets, related access facilities, ensure efficient and proper office management and related facilities;
• Develop financial management mechanisms that minimize financial risk and conducting reviews and evaluations for cost-reduction opportunities;
• Manage organizational financial accounting, monitoring and reporting systems and budgets and keeping abreast with changes in financial regulations and legislation;
• Responsible for the organizational administration, ensuring efficient operations, communications and systems;
• Ensure office policies, procedures and activities are compliant with labour laws, other laws and regulations;
• Oversee logistical support to programs and provide oversight of all services contracts;
• Oversee all procurement transactions, including reviewing and accounting for procurement transactions to ensure adequate supporting documentation and accuracy of information; Perform other duties as assigned by the Executive Director.
• Deputize executive director on her absence


• Perform all accounting functions necessary to ensure accurate documentation of all financial transactions, assets and liabilities of the project;
• Supervise and lead the financial and administrative team;
• Ensure that best practices and sound finance procedures are implemented and ensure that an effective internal control system is in place within the finance/administration department and its practices;
• Ensure that the overall programme and project budgets are set up in the right of Agency and donor templates and that input from all the necessary departments is timely received and consolidated.
• Ensure that donor guidelines are followed for respective projects.
• Monitor the expenditures against budget targets on different projects/donors/budgets and immediately report on any deviations, monthly submit a consolidated finance overview to the Country Finance director and reconciled balance sheet. Also ensure that budget, expenses and documentation is in accordance with the donor requirements;
• Manage the project’s Cash flow, ensuring that funds are available for budgeted project activities when needed and request money transfers from HQ in timely manner, ensuring liquidity in the programme at all times;
• Maintain all supporting documents in a neat and organized manner suitable for auditing and ensuring that reporting is executed in a timely manner, including audits when required;
• Establishing and maintaining administrative procedures and ensure they are implemented including personnel files on employees, salary scales, insurance and national staff Handbook. All should also be in accordance with the laws and regulations.
• Handling and reporting any suspicion on misuse of programme funds in accordance with the Agency Anti-corruption policy.
• Supervise and build capacities of both Agency Staff and Partners in financial management
• Verify monthly reconciliation prepared by Finance Assistant, examines the variances and implements remedial actions;
• Supervision of the Purchase, insurance, distribution and monitoring of project field and office assets and ensure adequate vehicle and other asset insurance;
• Monthly payroll processing and staff personal accounts reconciliations
• Approve all Advances/imprests to staff for Project activities and monitoring of staffs personal accounts;
• Advise management on all aspects of the project finances, to make sure that it runs in accordance with the best accounting principles;
• Assist staff on understanding financial policy and interpretation of financial statements;
• Ensure proper costing/coding and completeness of posting of all revenues and expenditures items;
• Execute project closeout procedures as required;
• Participate in the project management committee, Administration Management committee(ADCOM) and District steering group(DSG)
• Conduct training of finance and non finance staff in budgeting, budget tracking, balance sheet management and monitoring compliance with donor and internal financial policies and procedures;
• Perform any other duties as may be assigned by Finance director;


• Ensure the transparency, integrity and consistency of the financial processes, use of funds and financial information in compliance with donor requirement and organization financial regulations and rules;
• Provide recommendation on strategies for the improvement of financial management, accounting and information systems within the Unit and help the finance staff in implementing solutions;
• Ensure timely and quality of submission to donors of all the required financial information such as quarterly reports, Annual report, Enhanced Financial Report and any other information requested;
• Ensure tasks related to Audit, inform relevant parties, and ensure implementation of follow-up action on recommendation pointed out by Audit;
• Prepare budgets proposal, budget amendments and monitor ongoing levels of expenditure against projects budget lines;
• Ensure compliance with local regulations in respect of financial, administrative and other matters (e.g. registration, taxation, visa and labor laws);
• Review of and Accounting for Procurement transactions to ensure adequate supporting documentation, accuracy of amount and control over payments;
• Analysis of actual to budget to identify problems in accounting or Compliance.ensuring differences are brought to the attention of the Director and that appropriate action is taken;
• Maintaining a system to track commitment and outstanding Contract amounts;

• Preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual financial and accounting statements on timely basis;
• Invoicing;
• Performing all balance Sheet Account reconciliation on a timely basis;
• Maintaining the cash book;
• Processing Of Gratuity Payments;
• V.A.T returns preparation;
• Stock taking;
• Credit Control;
• Up-dating the asset register for the College;
• Controlling and maintaining the student fees records;
• Cash receipts, Petty cash control and Expense payments

• Preparation of draft donor reports for review by Director;
• Analysis of actual to budget to identify problems in accounting or Compliance;
• Performing all balance Sheet Account reconciliation on a timely basis ensuring differences are brought to the attention of the Director and that appropriate action is taken;
• Review of and Accounting for Procurement transactions to ensure adequate supporting documentation, accuracy of amount and control over payments;
• Maintaining a system to track commitment and outstanding Contract amounts;
• Assisting in the preparation and maintenance of the Project Operation Budget to ensure Accounts are Complete and maintained on timely basis;
• Review of Actual vs. Budget results to ensure maximum utilization of budgeted amount and to provide recommendations for realignments as required;


• Maintaining the cash book
• Reconciling cash book with bank statement
• Preparing payment voucher
• V.A.T returns preparation
• Credit control
• Stock taking
• Processing of Gratuity



• Controlling & preparing stocks for dispatch;
• Verifying creditors & debtors invoices;
• Preparing monthly purchase & sales journals;
• Preparing payment voucher;
• Maintaining the cash book;
• Paying casual laborers;
• Reconciling cash book with bank statement;

• Reading Novels, Traveling, & Sporting
• Research on business issues
• Listening to gospel music
• Attending and participating in management talks
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TEL: +254-(0) 722-209-822
Cell: +254-(0) 722-377-641
Email: jedidahwaruhiu@gmail.com

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Email: stellawanjau@yahoo.com

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Email: thuosm@centralbank.go.ke; stephenthuo30@yahoo.com

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Guirguissou Maboudou Alidou

Rural sociologist specialized in adoption and diffusion studies, the study of organizations and the qualitative analysis of agricultural policies, I have more than 15 years of experience combining research to development. My technical and academic education is strengthened by training both in theory and practice. I am also trained for impact assessment, network analysis, social capital studies, and for proposal writing. I conducted and/or participated to the participatory development of post-harvest technologies (rice, maize, yam, cassava groundnut and Shea nut), adoption studies, and impact assessments. My interest remains understanding social dynamics and interactions, which have constituted the core domains of my investigations from my bachelor to my on-going PhD. I am currently a researcher at the Programme of Agricultural Policy Analysis of the National Institute of Agricultural Research of Benin (PAPA/INRAB).

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