Nicola Stotter

I’m the Africa Regions Talent Acquisition Lead for the biggest Bank on the African continent. I’m interested in connecting with African Diaspora Professionals who have a keen interest in returning to their home to drive the growth of their country.

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Gods coming kingdom international is a religious organization who is changing lives by building up the community and sharing the word of God.

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VisionFunder is passionate about Caribbean creativity and the artists, entrepreneurs, scientists and inventors that give it expression. Being creatives ourselves we are well aware that traditional financial institutions can be very risk averse and therefore seldom lend to creatives. That means that the world is poorer because many our innovative and imaginative ideas never get off the ground.

VisionFunder is an online crowdfunding platform that empowers Caribbean creatives to raise capital in the form of small online donations, so that they can take charge of their own creative destinies and launch their projects without waiting on permission from financial institutions.

At VisionFunder you will find a global community that is as passionate about creativity and innovation as you are. Just bring your ideas and we will provide you with the tools to promote your campaign and get funding to bring it to life. So have a look around see what other creatives are doing, get inspired then get going.

Unleashing Caribbean Creativity to the World!

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The Council of Friends of New Amsterdam (COFONA) is a broad-based collaborative initiative that networks with individuals, associations, businesses, governmental, and non-governmental agencies for the educational, social and economic development of Greater New Amsterdam, Guyana. It promotes policies, programs, and activities that positively impact the preservation, growth, and development of the town and its environs; and partners with residents, stakeholders and other entities to create a suitable climate for investment. It assists residents to fully utilize educational opportunities to build, strengthen and sustain the quality of life for individuals, families and the community at large; and encourages entrepreneurial spirit among residents as a means of creating meaningful and sustained employment.

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The Trans-African Highway Network Will Connect the Continent, But What Role Will China Play?

Since the days before African independence, when the European colonizers controlled the continent, there has been a vision of building a vast network of highways connecting the African nations. Now, as the African nations make strides towards closer economic cooperation, common markets, and breaking down barriers to travel and trade in goods and services, this notion of a plan for interconnected roads linking the continent has much potential. However, there are impediments, but also potential help from China in making this long-term vision a reality.

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Ravi Ramkeesoon

Ravi Ramkeesoon serves as the head of technology at Rauch Foundation. In this capacity he provides oversight over hardware and software assessment and implementation as well as technical support to staff. As a member of the Long Island Index Technical Committee he performs various research initiatives for the project. He is also the Vice President for Strategic Development and Long Term Planning for RCL (also known as Rasur Constrution Limited), an industrial trade and development company based in Trinidad & Tobago. Mr. Ramkeesoon is linked closely with various Diaspora groups in New York City and the surrounding area and has played a key role in connecting the Diaspora with both regional and national initiatives and investors–such as the World Bank’s Investment Survey and CARIRI’s Business Incubator Clients in T&T; and has consulted for the Rockefeller-Aspen Diaspora Program, a pilot program to facilitate the strategic investment of financial and human capital from diasporas to their home countries. He is also on the planning team for the Go! Caribbean International Trade & Business Expo, an initiative aimed at linking the US and Caribbean business markets. Mr. Ramkeesoon is a volunteer consultant with the Indo-Caribbean Alliance and has worked with regional and world leaders in business and philanthropy for the past 10 years. Mr. Ramkeesoon holds a B.S. in Management and has attended educational institutions such as St. John’s and Harvard University.

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Bigbite Trading Investment Ltd

George Williams is my name and I’m multi-skilled with background in Sociology, Archaeology and Tourism from University of Ghana.
I am into fish farming and processing, tourism and Real Estate marketing specifically acquisition of farm lands, industrial lands for warehousing, factories and residential properties.
I previously worked with Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB) as a National Service Personnel with systems administration and cheque clearing as my main duties. I was a member of Rotaract Club of Rotary International while serving in the bank, equipping me with skills in community and humanitarian services. After my service with the bank, I took up a job with an international N.G.O as a Quality Manager with a responsibility of ensuring service delivery quality in all aspects of the organization’s endeavour in Ghana (CCA, Ghana).
I also worked as the operations manager for a Real Estate Development Company in Ghana for five years. (Hive Properties Ltd).
I am currently the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of BIGBITE TRADING & INVESTMENT LIMITED and also the Welfare Officer of the Akosombo Zone Fish Farmers Association in Ghana and my goal is to engage and work with organizations with multicultural background who want to relocate to Ghana to do business.
My Compnay, BIGBITE INVESTMENT LTD is into agriculture, aquaculture, tourism, real estate, mobility services and general trading as well as import and export.
I am willing to bring all my expertise on board towards the achievement of any objective in tandem with our line of business.

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Irene Mugure Nderitu

I represent HOMEPRO Kenya Ltd. We are a real estate and home furnishing ccompany based in Nairobi Kenya. We pride ourselves in beautiful homes inside out

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Teresa Erickson

I am President and founder of Intermedia Communications Training, Inc. I began my career as a journalist broadcasting worldwide from the US, at the Voice of America. This gave me the greatest education in international affairs. In 1999, I started my own communications training company focusing on international economics and international development. My clients are dedicated organizations and individuals who want to change the world. I work with The World Bank, the UN, the IMF, and ngo’s like the WWF. I am lucky that I only work with people whose goal is transformation — in themselves, and in the world. As an immigrant from Portugal, I would like to contribute my advice and knowledge to the Diaspora Council.

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Pyrtel Global

Mikael Pyrtel founded Pyrtel Global to provide bespoke international management services to emerging public, private, and nonprofit clients worldwide after 20 years of experience and travel to more than 15 countries, including to some of the most dynamic political and economic climates in the world. His perspectives on international business, economic development, foreign policy, and commercial diplomacy were formed from his multi-sector support experience in: national security and international affairs, manufacturing, information technology enterprise solutions (ITES), international trade and economic research, agricultural and commercial diplomacy, international nonprofits, urban development, and university research centers.

Mr. Pyrtel received his M.A. in International Commerce and Policy from the George Mason University Schar School of Policy and Government where he focused on Global Business and Global Development. As a graduate student he served at the U.S. embassy in Moscow, Russia, and later he volunteered with the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Washington, D.C. to help rebuild Iraq’s diplomatic capacity and restore commercial relations.

Mr. Pyrtel is also a veteran of the United States Navy and a recipient of the Navy and Marine Corps Meritorious Unit Commendation and the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal. He is committed to developing the next generation of leaders and has acted as a mentor and facilitator on discussions about international affairs, international business, economics, foreign policy, country risk analysis, and international development.

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Olatunde Olawale Barber

My name is Olatunde Barber, I am an artist and Curator from Nigeria. I graduated from the Department of Fine and Applied Arts, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun state, Nigeria in 1999 with a B.A fine arts.

I took up employment with the National Gallery of Art, Nigeria between 2002 and 2008.

I graduated from the University of Lagos, Nigeria with a M.A Visual Art in the year 2009.

I worked as an artist and independent curator between 2009 and 2011.

In 2011 I took up an appointment as a sculpture lecturer at the Fine and Applied Arts department of the Lagos state Polytechnic.

In 2012 I took up an appointment as a curator at the University of Lagos Museum and in 2016 I commenced on PhD at the School of Museum Studies, University of Leicester, UK which I am working on till date.

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Dr Atu Edobor Augustine

I am a Nigerian from Edo state resident in Spain since 1974 Studied here abroad and aquired various degrees as a Dental Technnologist Spercialist i owned a Dental Laboratory that runs for over 20 yeaars before i shifted to study Tradicional Chinese Medicine in Beijing China optaining my 1st degree, Master and Phd.. i then established my private Clinic here in Spain. Atu Acupunture Expert Centre and Tradicional Chinese Medicne since the year 2000 up to date. with great expertation in healthcaare. i am intrested to have a partner to focus on Afican Traticional Medicinal Herbs.for healthcare. aand to promote the African Tradicional Medicine. Similar to the Chinese Medicine.we are on Facebook. fore more information.

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Irakoze Dieudone

I am an undergraduate student at Northern Kentucky University. I am majoring in International Relations with a minor in Pre-law. I am a Co-founder of a non-profit organization name Tuvugane.

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David Wilcox

ReachScale is a global network that identifies and scales the most innovative social enterprises. The advent of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)—and the striking lack of scaled SDG examples—presents opportunities for replacing unsustainable models with sustainable models that can scale.

ReachScale and our network partners have identified several of the top social enterprise scale opportunities globally. In Delhi, Bangalore, Johannesburg and East Africa, ReachScale is assembling groups of scalable social enterprises and NGOs to scale together.

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JCAD International

Dr Hatcheu is founder and coordinator of JCAD International (Young Researcher associates for development) a civil society association he created in 1997.Before moved In Us Dr Hatcheu was assistant professor and Director of the Laboratory of comparative research for Development (LARCOD) in at the University of Dschang (Cameroon). His Researches mainly focusses on comparative analysis between Western realities including the United States and that of sub-Saharan Africas. Topics he explored are among other democracy, the efficiency and effectiveness of African nonprofits in the Washington Metropolitan area, the role of nonprofit and civil society in political change in Africa
Dr Hatcheu is author of many books, reviewed articles and conference paper including Ups and downs of the third sector of and from Africa (2016). Advocay for the scientific competitiveness of scientific research in Africa (2016), Capacity building in Africa: beyond remittance (2016) Understand governance (2013) and urban sprawl in Africa (2013), Food trade and traders in Douala (Cameroon) (2006) He has also produced number scientific documentaries as The Belly of Douala. Dr Hatcheu is currently drafting two book to : Governance Issues and Challenges in Africa and the United States and. Challenges of civil society organization on political change in Africa
Dr Hatcheu is received his Ph.D. in social Sciences of University of Paris Pantheon Sorbonne in France. a Master in Public administration from Strayer University Washington DC. Follow he on Twitter at: @HatcheuE .
JCAD international is a Washington DC based nonprofit

JCAD-International believes that if extremism and intolerance are the greatest threat to freedom, political dialogue address conflicts, promotes reconciliation, strengthens national and social cohesion and consensus and defines a shared vision of the future. Political dialogue plays an essential role in the efforts of national actors and the international community to respond to violent conflict and forge a national vision in fragile contexts

JCAD-international is convinced that the development of any country is linked to the constitution of stable and competitive research team where senior scientist passes the torch of excellence in the framework of a program within which future leader conduct original project in relation to the overall program. Teamwork is the crucible of transformation and transcendence, the context in which the young build his personality, his ability to bring a vision of change.

JCAD international works to promote the well-being of all, for sustainable development, increase training, development and retention of health workers in developing countries by providing access to essential health services quality and safe medicines and vaccines, effective, quality and affordable care.

JCAD international is works to increase agricultural productivity and incomes of small farmers, especially women, ensuring the sustainability of food production systems and implement resilient agricultural practices that contribute to the preservation of ecosystems, strengthen the capacity to adapt to climate change, preserving the genetic diversity of seeds, increase access to benefit of genetic resources and traditional knowledge.

JCAD international works to strengthen sustainable urbanization for all and participatory planning and management capacity and the inclusion of all, the rational use of resources, adaptation to climate change mitigation and resilience to disasters

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The Network University (TNU) has offered
– an online programme on “Migration and Development” to diaspora officials of 30 African countries in close cooperation with the African Diaspora Policy Centre (The Hague);
– it is engaged in diaspora entrepreneurship and cooperated with 13 diaspora coaches in an online entrepreneurship programme for Sierra Leone and with 23 diaspora coaches in an online programme on social entrepreneurship in Belarus
– it plans – together with the African Diaspora Policy Centre – to offer a programme on “Diaspora Investment in agribusiness” in January/February 2017 and a programme on “From Brain drain to brain gain” in February/March 2017.

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Conrad Buckle

I am a Consultant in Emergency Medicine within NHS (UK) with interests in Emergency Planning, Emergency Care system development, medical education, e-learning, and tele-medicine.

I have experience in collaborative, multi-disciplinary and multi-agency work to design and deliver custom training solutions in knowledge, attitude, and practice of emergency medicine. I am interested in innovative ways of delivering and sharing knowledge and skills across distance and between different cultures.

My current areas of special interest are in area of medical education with aim of developing short training programmes and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes aimed at mid-level healthcare personnel in under-resourced countries (Africa mainly). This is to support initial introduction to the development and implementation of emergency care systems and to focus on train the trainer programmes to support capacity development and sustainability.

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Joseph Kimachia

We deal in all matters Real Estate and Hospitality. We provide our clients with informed choice as they seek to acquire property, arrange corporate accommodation,conferences or events. So whether you want an apartment to rent or buy,you are tasked to arrange corporate accommodation or the next corporate event, you have come to the right place. Karibu sana. While we do all this, we also use the forum to brainstorm. We are passionate about Youth Empowerment through Entrepreneurship tips and Employment creation advocacy. We share what we can. We invite you to come with us.

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Shem Ochuodho

Senior Advisor, Ministry of Telecommunications & Postal Services, Republic of South Sudan (RSS) and Chairman, Kenya Diaspora Alliance (KDA), Federation of Kenyan Diaspora Organizations

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Renato Wong

Im a volunteer in an NGO that is present in more than 180 countries in the world. I work with Bible teaching and also with translation (portuguese/english) and as an interpreter and also as a video maker.

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1.0 Preamble
Prosper Ayawei is the Metropolitan Archbishop of Africa, over the diocese of Western Africa of the World Communion Christian Celtic Convergence Churches{ WCCCCC}. {} and Presiding Bishop of Vision Family church Inc. Nigeria{}
Prosper Ayawei is the foremost researcher of the concept named psychomorphology, that is rapidly ,navigating, spanning and traversing to Management, Environment ,Medicine, Accounting, Sports, phrenology, Anthropocene, marketing, communication .etc.{}
He is a Senior Consultant and Adviser to Governments and the Private sector in several respects.
He Holds double Ph.Ds in Strategic Leadership and Counseling respectively and also has several Degrees on Environment and Ecology.
2.0 Work Experience
2.1: From January 1999-April 2000 was Special Adviser on Environment, Pollution and Gas matters in Bakloga of Bayelsa State, Nigeria.
2.2: In 2000 became the Chairman of gas and oil committee ,Bakolga, Bayelsa state, Nigeria.
2.3: In 2001, A member of Presidential monitoring committee to inspect Ecological fund projects in AkwaI bom State.
2.4: From 2001-2003 was consultant on Ecology to Bayelsa State Government and State Desk Officer to Ecological Fund {Presidency}.
2.5: From 2003-2005 was Senior Special Assistant to the Executive Governor of Bayelsa State on NGOs and Donor Agencies.
2.6: In 2004, member of the mobilization committee of the Presidential visit to Bayelsa State and is currently a chief consultant on Ecological matters to the Ministry of Environment , Bayelsa State, Nigeria.
3.0: Local / Int’l Conferences Pioneered And/ Or facilitated:
3.1: 1999, Paper: @ icusa conference, New York, USA, paper. Integrated Grass Root Post-impact Assessment of Acute Damaging Effect of Continuous Oil Spills in the Niger Delta, Psycho-morphological & Empirical overview.
3.2: March 20th – 22nd , 2000 facilitated the Academic Associates for Peace works / USAID/ OTI on conflict management in Yenagoa Bayelsa statw.
3.2 In 2001 from 26th may- 1st June, A Paper presenter at Cartagena, Columbia, topic: Environmental impact assessment in the Niger Delta. Psycho-morphological overview,
4.6. Paper presenter: 2002 @ New Orleans, USA,Oil Spillage in Nigeria’s Niger Delta Integrated Grass root Post-impact Presented, psychomorphological overview
3.3: 19th -22nd March, 2001 Bayelsa State Government/ IAIA USA, On Community Development and financial management to ensure the sustainable development of the Niger Delta.
3.4: 27th – 29 August, 2001 Bayelsa State Ministry Of Environment/ Chevron – Texaco On Oil & Gas Production In The Niger Delta.-
3.5: 2001 Seminar On Oil And Gas Production In Niger Delta creating Mutual Relationship Between The Oil Companies and the Communities Organized By The Bayelsa State Ministry Of Environment In Collaboration With Texaco.
3.6: 2002 Round Table Conference Of IMF/World Bank Lagos, Nigeria. Represented Bayelsa State Government in 4th storage expo event at the National Hall Olympia London (One Of UK’s Largest, Dedicated Information Technology & Data Storage Event Bringing Together Over 3, 000 It Experts end users and 90 exhibitors)- 2004 .
3.7: 2004 Represented Bayelsa State Government In earth right and Carlift International Meeting to Sign a Memorandum of Understanding for Partnership and donation of medical equipment, health care delivery services and other health care related programs .
3.8: 2004 Represented Bayelsa State Government (Niger Delta University) In Academic Exchange With Temple University, Philadelphia a Commonwealth University at the Office of the Deputy Provost, Professor Richard Engelrt
3.9: 2004 Represented Bayelsa state Government for a meeting with JEWEL WILLIAMS, members 197th legislature district of house of representatives commonwealth of Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA to establish a relationship of commerce, finance, tourism and education
4.0 Papers Presented In International conference/seminars
4.1.In 2000, A Co-presented paper in IAIA Conference ,New Zealand{} on Empirical Psycho-Morphological Result Of Personal Crises & Tendencies On 3000 Sampled Victims In Niger Delta Region 1999-2000 ] published in /oil spills/personality_crises.html
4.2. In – 2004, A Paper presenter on the Topic; HIV/AIDS stigmatization crises counseling{psycho-morphological overview at “towards an Africa without boarders conferences in the university of Wisconsin-Madison , USA.
4.3. 2005, Presented a paper on tourism and its impact on society {psycho-morphological overview} presented at the 2nd tourism outlook conference at the university of Teknologimara,Malaysia

4.7.Paper presenter: 2005. Psycho-socio-economic impact assessment (using psychomorphological overview)Kibissa conference, Cape Town, South Africa.
4.8.Paper presenter: 2006 @ HIV/AIDS conference in Durban, South Africa, HIV/AIDS Stigmatization crises counseling… psychomorphological overview.
4.9. Paper presenter: @ prestige management institute. Gwallow India, 28th December 2011- 2nd January 2012. Strategic management decision making process (psychomorphological overview).
4.10.Paper presenter: 2012, Dubai UAE, august 4th-5th. Paper ID:Z10002. Innovation management (psychomorphological overview).
4.11. Paper presenter: 2013, 3rd International Conference on Strategy Management and Research (ICSMR2013). Paper; Strategy Management and Research, psychomorphological overview. Barcelona, Spain, May 30,2013etchttp://

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Lionbridge is a localization company based in the United States. The headquarter is in Massachusetts (USA) and has offices in 26 countries. We deliver translation and localization, digital marketing, global content management, and application testing services to the world’s top brands.

We are helping to develop modern language process applications for computers and mobile devices.

For commonly spoken languages like English, Spanish, Chinese, etc., reading and writing them on mobile devices is not a problem, but it is not the same for minor languages; native speakers of indigenous/minor languages are usually forced to switch to other major languages due to the lack of proper input methods or missing fonts.

To eliminate this gap, we aim to enable native speakers of minor languages to input their native languages on digital devices. We have developed three kinds of projects to achieve our goal: Word Categorization, Creative Writing and Usability Testing.

The task of Word Categorization is to categorize and edit words in the target language according to given guidelines. For Creative Writing, the linguists or native speakers will create answers relevant to the given questions.

Both the categorized words and written sentences will be used to train systems, so that they will be able to recognize the words written in the language and provide useful typing suggestions. The usability testing project is to collect user comments on the developed applications.

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