Micronesian Awareness Foundation

Micronesia is underrepresented and misunderstood. It was not even listed on the list of countries of origin. Some people are not from one of the 7 continents. Some people are from islands and atolls in the Pacific Ocean and still travel by the stars. The culture(s) and languages of Micronesia are at risk of extinction due to Westernization and annexation. Some people know so little about the place of their (or their parents and grandparents) birth because it is so far away and so difficult and expensive to travel to, however there is a wealth of love, culture, language, oral history, knowledge and family waiting them, if there was only a way to get back to the islands. The “opportunity” anticipated the many people here in the mainland USA never materialized and for some only materialized to a marginal degree and the finances needed to go back to family could never be accumulated. Unless the public is educated about the rich culture and history of Micronesia, it will never be captured in its fullness. Unless Micronesians in other places in the world (although mostly in the USA) are given assistance to go home again, they will never see their loved ones again. It is a crucial moment in the history of Micronesia to respond to this Diaspora and provide the information and tools for them to reconnect and feel the magic of their heritage.

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