Quebec Earthwork Nigeria Limited is incorporated under the Companies and Allied Matters Act, 1990 vide Certificate of Incorporation dated July 27, 2011 bearing Registration No 968216 in Abuja, Nigeria.

As part of our expansion to build incremental business advantage in West Africa; We incorporated a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) subsidiary in the Republic of Ghana: Quebec Earthwork Ghana Limited” under the Companies Act, 1963 (Act 179) vide Certificate of incorporation dated July 26, 2013 bearing registration No CS240642013 in Victoriaborg, Accra Ghana; with associate technical partners in Singapore, South Korea, New York, South Africa, USA, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, India and Canada.

Our partners have successfully completed many prestigious projects of high quality industrial and building construction with 35 years of experience in construction and real estate industry.

On October 25, 2011, we commenced operations with a drive to succeed in qualitative service delivery in Construction Management, Design/Building, Real Estate & Facility Management, Dredging & Reclamation, Roads & Bridges/Drainage Construction, Stockpiling & Shore Protection, Vibro-coring & Hydrographic Surveying, EPC Pipelines & HDD Tunnel Underground, Mechanical & Fabrication Services, thereby meeting the set ‘International Standards and Regulations; with a vision of partnering with Contractors and Private Real Estate Developers who are technically constrained to execute their projects been government or private projects for the first five (5) years vide the date of Incorporation July 27, 2011.

Pursuant on the above, we are led to share our goal to make a difference in the Real Sector of the African society specifically to contribute our quota to the development of Nigeria and West Africa by building state of the art facility jointly with foreign investors from “Asia/Oceania, Europe and America” across West African countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Cote D ivory, Guinea Conakry and Republic of Benin as a brand/trademark; as a life time investment opportunity that will help West Africa countries to curb the rapid unemployment situation in Nigeria.

We are passion driven to bring-home innovative technologies and products that will ensure long-lasting positive effect and success on end-users of our proposed new city, and to encourage entrepreneurship by providing consultancy services for customers, especially unemployed graduates to venture into profitable areas and change the foreign investors and public opinion about the standard of doing business in Nigeria.

The proposed City we are trying to develop in Nigeria is a Smart Industrial City that will be connected to ecosystem via connectivity and convergence with the following features: Smart Digital Management of Energy, Smart Automated Intelligent Buildings, Smart Intelligent Mobility, Smart Seamless Connectivity, Smart Digital Management of Infrastructure, Smart Intelligent Healthcare Technology, Smart Governance on-the-go, and Smart Civic Digital Natives which in turn would access further economic development with the foundations of Prosperity and Fundamental infrastructural services that will compete in the world economy.

The proposed City shall attract Multinational and Domestic Corporations to this new location for promising private and public sector/industries as a new business hub and this we want to develop first in the South-East region of Nigeria, thereby making it “The Dynamo of the South – East Nigeria Economy” having the South-East Business Class as co-promoters to guarantee off-taking. Since virtually every striving retail and importation businesses in some African countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Cote D ivory, Guinea Conakry and Republic of Benin revolves around the majority of the South-Eastern Nigeria citizens in terms of marketing and sales of foreign manufactured products from “Asia/Oceania, Europe and America,” manufacturers depend on the South-East Business Class Citizens of Nigeria (SEBCCN) for marketing and sales of their finished products ranging from Automobiles, Clothes & Textiles, Person Household & Electronics, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals” across the West African countries.

Due to the unique concept of this proposed project, this shall be the first time where Nigerians will have the opportunities to invest their funds into large income producing infrastructural development projects as investments jointly owned with foreign investors from “Asia/Oceania, Europe and America” being co-promoters of the proposed project. The project also will be quoted in the Global Stock Market (GSM) for investors’ security.

To achieve this goal we have carefully done our homework and the proposed project site is approximately 212 Hectares with connexion to more acquisition and the site is strategically located in the Heartland of the South Eastern Region of Nigeria, which enjoys reasonable proximity to many of the neighboring states, towns, metropolitan markets including Port Harcourt, Onitsha, Enugu, Abakaliki, Yenagoa, Calabar, Uyo with added advantage of offer quick access to the capitals growth zones and transport links. More so, it lies directly within the path of South Eastern Region of Nigeria’s natural reserves, the said site is also surrounded by oil wells and blocks operated by Oil Exploration and Producing Companies and on-going development of Gas Turbine to guarantee Power Supply.

The South Eastern region of Nigeria is one of the richest areas in natural resources with large reserves of Agricultural Products: Oil palm, Raffia palm, Rice, Groundnut, Melon, Cotton, Groundnut, Cocoa, Rubber, Maize, Cashew Nuts, Yam Cassava, Forest Trees; and Mineral Resources: Crude oil, Natural gas, Limestone, Clay, Kaolin and Gypsum, Salt, Iron Ore, Coal Fine, Marble, Silica sand, Lead, Zinc and White Clay the selected site for the proposed new city is a perfect location to manufacturers and industries.

Our vision is to create a platform for state governments to jointly establish/owned manufacturing industries in the proposed smart city with interested investors from “Asia, Europe and North America” considering similar Natural Resources deposits in the South-East States “Ebonyi, Enugu, Anambra, Imo, Abia and its neighboring states via boundaries to the path of the proposed Smart Industrial City site sharing borders with the North East “Benue State”, North west “Kogi State”, Cross Rivers State, Akwa Ibom state, Rivers state, Bayelsa state and Delta State respectively.

The concept/idea is for Federal/states Governments of Nigeria to contribute their natural resources being “Agricultural or Solid Minerals”; as their equity shareholding in industries thereto as investment on a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) agreement with interested from investors/industrialists, but line with the policies, constitution of the federal Republic of Nigeria and its relevant MDAs, regulatory/supervisory bodies.

For instance:
* Imo State and Anambra State are also blessed with Petroleum, Crude Oil and Natural Gas for
* Abia State, Enugu State, Imo State, Anambra State and Ebonyi State are also blessed with
cultivation of Yam, Cassava, Oil Palm, Maize, Cocoa, Rice, Groundnut, Cashew Nuts which are
MILLING INDUSTRIES. Apart from being consumed, they serve as inputs for LIVESTOCK
* Enugu State,Imo State and Anambra State has unexploited and abundant of Limestone’s,Clay,
Gypsum and kaolin which are raw materials for production of CEMENT

These and many others industries await investors to exploit which will attract development and further create more jobs for Christians in the south-east based on its Natural Resources/Exportable Products which is a major drive of our vision and that of the Foreign Investors.

The vision is also to launch a platform that will connect the “Unskilled to the Skilled” since the vision revolves around every facet of human life, especially job creation for the unemployed graduates and the undergraduates, by bringing innovations and technology transfer to encourage home-grown entrepreneurship practices by enforcing local content act as terms of agreement with prospective investors and industrialists.

The under-listed are some Potential areas for investments: Cement Factories, Chemical Plants, Ceramic Industry, Grain Milling, Starch Production, Cashew Product Industry, Integrated Palm Produce Industry, Fruit and Vegetable Juice Concentrate Production, Integrated Multi Oil Seeds Processing Plant, Paper mill facilities, Packaging industries, Footwear manufacture, Scrap waste iron recovery, processing and export, Water treatment and bottling plants, Glass manufacturing plants and other small-scale industries such as Machine tools manufacture and assembly, automobile spare parts, etc….

This platform of inter-state investments via natural resources will quickly offer access to capital growth zones and infrastructural development “Transportation” links of states involved and Technology Transfer which is my major focus irrespective of political parties or differences as Nigerians.

This vision has been conceived since July 2013 till – date and proposals and appointment request have been submitted to the South –East and South – South Senators of the 8th Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria since March 21, 2016 having carefully understudied the zone as well as made all necessary discussion with Foreign Investors from Asia, Europe and North America.

Our written proposal has brought changes in the 8th Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria via the review of some bills/sponsorship of new bills:

1. A Bill for an Act to Establish the National Roads Fund for the purpose of financing the maintenance and
rehabilitation of National Roads and for other matters connected therewith, 2016 (SB. 218)
2. A Bill for an Act to provide for the Utilization, Sustainability and Adequate supply of Renewable Energy for
Electricity and Heat Generation and for related matters, 2016 (SB. 131)
3. A Bill for the establishment of Inland Ports at Onitsha, Enugu and other Land – Locked States
4. Bill for an Act to provide for the Establishment of Nigeria Industrial Development Zones and for other related
matters, 2016. (SB. 280)

Our proposals have also lead to State Governors of coming together again by way of harnessing the potentials of their various zones. ‘’South-West Governors Forum, ‘’ South- East Governors Forum, ‘’South- South Governors Forum and the North East Governors Forum.

In same vein, this also brought about the two (2) Bills for the establishment of North East Development Commission (NEDC) and South East Development Commission (SEDC) with all these processes and progress.

This also strengthened the key players the “Enugu State Investment Summit’’ held in Enugu from April, 2016 and “Enugu State Economy Summit’’ held in November, 2016.

Nigeria as a country is now set to diversify the economy due to the current crude Oil price benchmark thereby review policies and taxation system to attract/secure foreign investment in order to boost the real sectors
“Agriculture, Power, Mining, Manufacturing and Housing”of the Nigeria economy.

The City will create values and sustainable lifestyle for investors, developers, businesses and people working within and outside Nigeria. Hence, we seek for reliable and credible Africans in DIASPORA as partners and/or investors to enable us commence the preliminaries of the proposed Smart Industrial City.

Africans in DIASPORA as partnership could be executed as a shareholding partner “Silent or Active”; or a member of the upcoming “Non-Executive and Independent Director’s Forum with Foreigners” (NEIDF) on Special Purpose Agreement; as the City will open investment options to investors (foreign/local), corporate occupiers with a range of financial investment options that will guarantee investors better returns which will suit investors business needs as to service private-public Sectors/Industries.

The master plan will be flexible for world renowned companies and individuals to participate in the construction of proposed new City. From investments in infrastructure, Power Plants, Freezone, Construction, Energy Sectors, Leisure Development and Civic development, we will welcome institutions with interests in taking up spaces in parts of the proposed city. These commitments will boost planning as well as afford us the opportunity to incorporate their requirements to suit their property, business and lifestyle needs. We want prospective investors to feel like part of the team and to take their place in building this truly significant city in Nigeria’s future.

We have already contacted some foreign investors through their financial experts that has indicated interest in investing to the tune of $1.5Billion, and Non Circumvention, Non-Disclosure & Working Agreement (NCNDWA) has also be signed for further processing.

Our Technical partners/consultants are poised to render professional services in the areas of drafting all relevant proposals, Master plans designs, full information technology survey and development budgets on mutual understanding upon provision of running cost, why awaits the appropriate draw-down schedule of the $1.5Billion from the already contacted investors thereto.

All we need now is a reliable and credible Africans in DIASPORA to jointly fund the short term plan (preliminaries) of the proposed project and you automatically become a stakeholder in the project and the new special Purpose Vehicle Entity (SPVE) thereto; specifically to jointly manage and own the City as a co-promoter. the short term funding will enable us access the $1.5Billion from the already contacted investors to implement the medium and partly the long. terms plans/phases.

Do well to lead your support and/or partnership as well as connecting other like-minded Africans in DIASPORA to be part of this vision throughout the planning and implementation process.

NB: Details about the proposed City site location, full project concept presentation and the Short term plan and other information will be provided to you after signing a Non Circumvention, Non-Disclosure & Working Agreement (NCNDWA) upon receipt of your favorable response and officially Letter of Interest as regards the PROJECT.

Please for further clarification contact the Founder/CEO on +2347016358414, +2348093021233 or by Email: quebecnigeria@gmail.com, Skype: quebec_ewn, Whatsapp: 08093021233

Kind Regards

We look forward to establish a good business relationship with Africans in DIASPORA.
Onakpoma Martins L.E.
For: Quebec Earthwork Nigeria Limited,

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