1.0 Preamble
Prosper Ayawei is the Metropolitan Archbishop of Africa, over the diocese of Western Africa of the World Communion Christian Celtic Convergence Churches{ WCCCCC}. {} and Presiding Bishop of Vision Family church Inc. Nigeria{}
Prosper Ayawei is the foremost researcher of the concept named psychomorphology, that is rapidly ,navigating, spanning and traversing to Management, Environment ,Medicine, Accounting, Sports, phrenology, Anthropocene, marketing, communication .etc.{}
He is a Senior Consultant and Adviser to Governments and the Private sector in several respects.
He Holds double Ph.Ds in Strategic Leadership and Counseling respectively and also has several Degrees on Environment and Ecology.
2.0 Work Experience
2.1: From January 1999-April 2000 was Special Adviser on Environment, Pollution and Gas matters in Bakloga of Bayelsa State, Nigeria.
2.2: In 2000 became the Chairman of gas and oil committee ,Bakolga, Bayelsa state, Nigeria.
2.3: In 2001, A member of Presidential monitoring committee to inspect Ecological fund projects in AkwaI bom State.
2.4: From 2001-2003 was consultant on Ecology to Bayelsa State Government and State Desk Officer to Ecological Fund {Presidency}.
2.5: From 2003-2005 was Senior Special Assistant to the Executive Governor of Bayelsa State on NGOs and Donor Agencies.
2.6: In 2004, member of the mobilization committee of the Presidential visit to Bayelsa State and is currently a chief consultant on Ecological matters to the Ministry of Environment , Bayelsa State, Nigeria.
3.0: Local / Int’l Conferences Pioneered And/ Or facilitated:
3.1: 1999, Paper: @ icusa conference, New York, USA, paper. Integrated Grass Root Post-impact Assessment of Acute Damaging Effect of Continuous Oil Spills in the Niger Delta, Psycho-morphological & Empirical overview.
3.2: March 20th – 22nd , 2000 facilitated the Academic Associates for Peace works / USAID/ OTI on conflict management in Yenagoa Bayelsa statw.
3.2 In 2001 from 26th may- 1st June, A Paper presenter at Cartagena, Columbia, topic: Environmental impact assessment in the Niger Delta. Psycho-morphological overview,
4.6. Paper presenter: 2002 @ New Orleans, USA,Oil Spillage in Nigeria’s Niger Delta Integrated Grass root Post-impact Presented, psychomorphological overview
3.3: 19th -22nd March, 2001 Bayelsa State Government/ IAIA USA, On Community Development and financial management to ensure the sustainable development of the Niger Delta.
3.4: 27th – 29 August, 2001 Bayelsa State Ministry Of Environment/ Chevron – Texaco On Oil & Gas Production In The Niger Delta.-
3.5: 2001 Seminar On Oil And Gas Production In Niger Delta creating Mutual Relationship Between The Oil Companies and the Communities Organized By The Bayelsa State Ministry Of Environment In Collaboration With Texaco.
3.6: 2002 Round Table Conference Of IMF/World Bank Lagos, Nigeria. Represented Bayelsa State Government in 4th storage expo event at the National Hall Olympia London (One Of UK’s Largest, Dedicated Information Technology & Data Storage Event Bringing Together Over 3, 000 It Experts end users and 90 exhibitors)- 2004 .
3.7: 2004 Represented Bayelsa State Government In earth right and Carlift International Meeting to Sign a Memorandum of Understanding for Partnership and donation of medical equipment, health care delivery services and other health care related programs .
3.8: 2004 Represented Bayelsa State Government (Niger Delta University) In Academic Exchange With Temple University, Philadelphia a Commonwealth University at the Office of the Deputy Provost, Professor Richard Engelrt
3.9: 2004 Represented Bayelsa state Government for a meeting with JEWEL WILLIAMS, members 197th legislature district of house of representatives commonwealth of Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA to establish a relationship of commerce, finance, tourism and education
4.0 Papers Presented In International conference/seminars
4.1.In 2000, A Co-presented paper in IAIA Conference ,New Zealand{} on Empirical Psycho-Morphological Result Of Personal Crises & Tendencies On 3000 Sampled Victims In Niger Delta Region 1999-2000 ] published in /oil spills/personality_crises.html
4.2. In – 2004, A Paper presenter on the Topic; HIV/AIDS stigmatization crises counseling{psycho-morphological overview at “towards an Africa without boarders conferences in the university of Wisconsin-Madison , USA.
4.3. 2005, Presented a paper on tourism and its impact on society {psycho-morphological overview} presented at the 2nd tourism outlook conference at the university of Teknologimara,Malaysia

4.7.Paper presenter: 2005. Psycho-socio-economic impact assessment (using psychomorphological overview)Kibissa conference, Cape Town, South Africa.
4.8.Paper presenter: 2006 @ HIV/AIDS conference in Durban, South Africa, HIV/AIDS Stigmatization crises counseling… psychomorphological overview.
4.9. Paper presenter: @ prestige management institute. Gwallow India, 28th December 2011- 2nd January 2012. Strategic management decision making process (psychomorphological overview).
4.10.Paper presenter: 2012, Dubai UAE, august 4th-5th. Paper ID:Z10002. Innovation management (psychomorphological overview).
4.11. Paper presenter: 2013, 3rd International Conference on Strategy Management and Research (ICSMR2013). Paper; Strategy Management and Research, psychomorphological overview. Barcelona, Spain, May 30,2013etchttp://

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