Irene Mugure Nderitu

I represent HOMEPRO Kenya Ltd. We are a real estate and home furnishing ccompany based in Nairobi Kenya. We pride ourselves in beautiful homes inside out

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Teresa Erickson

I am President and founder of Intermedia Communications Training, Inc. I began my career as a journalist broadcasting worldwide from the US, at the Voice of America. This gave me the greatest education in international affairs. In 1999, I started my own communications training company focusing on international economics and international development. My clients are dedicated organizations and individuals who want to change the world. I work with The World Bank, the UN, the IMF, and ngo’s like the WWF. I am lucky that I only work with people whose goal is transformation — in themselves, and in the world. As an immigrant from Portugal, I would like to contribute my advice and knowledge to the Diaspora Council.

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Arca TV

Arca TV
Televiziunea Romanilor de Pretutindeni
ARCA TV (Association of the Romanian Communities Abroad) este o platforma de comunicare TV a carei principal sediu se afla in Houston, Texas, Statele Unite ale Americii si care va transmite programele sale viitoare online, pe canalul propriu si pe TVR International, televiziunea nationala din Romania, cu care detinem un acord. Principalul nostru scop al Arca TV este de a forma parteneriate cu diferite Asociatii Romanesti Fundatii si Comunitati Romanesti din intreaga lume. Deasemenea, suntem interesati sa formam parteneriate cu entitati din Romania ce doresc sa sustina Diaspora de oriunde din lume.

Arca TV doreste sa intervieveze romani sau persoane cu origini romanesti din Diaspora. Dorim sa atragem in acest proiect leaderi ai Comunitatilor Romanesti pentru a cunoaste mai bine traditiile si mostenirea noastra, ca romani ce traim in afara granitelor Romaniei. Materialele video ce vor fi realizate, interviuri si filme documentare cu o durata de 30 sau 60 de minute, vor fi transmise pe canalul online si pe TVR International, Detinem in acest sens un acord cu TVR International.

Viziunea pe termen lung este sa aducem impreuna toti romanii intr-o retea globala, dand tuturor o sansa sa isi exprime dorintele sau initiativele, acest lucru contribuind la construirea unui viitor mai bun pentru toti Romanii.

Vom filma, produce si transmite documentare, festivaluri si filme de prezentare despre Romanii ce locuiesc in afara tarii, precum si cu leaderi ai comunitatilor romanesti. In final, vom realiza o comunicare eficienta intre Romanii din Diaspora, pentru a raspunde nevoilor acestora si a influenta deciziile ce ne afecteaza viata. Vom construi o punte de legatura intre Romanii de acasa si cei din Diaspora, pentru a deveni mai puternici ca natie si popor, chiar daca traim in tari diferite.

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Migration and Diaspora Studies Initiative

The Migration and Diaspora Studies (MDS) Initiative focuses on the social, economic, cultural, and political implications of the movement and transnational settlement of people. The Initiative was launched in 2011 with the support of OVPRI, awarded a strategic hire in 2012, and received a Carleton University Building Connections award in 2015 for its activities across campus that, which have had a sustained impact on research and teaching. The Initiative received a 7-year, $400,000 grant from the TD Bank Group in 2012, with which it has supported an annual Graduate Fellowship in MDS and dozens of successful national and international events national and international events. The MDS Initiative developed Canada’s first undergraduate program in migration and diaspora studies with the launch of the MDS Specialization in the Bachelor of Global and International Studies (BGInS) program in 2015. MDS also offers analysis on issues of interest to government, non-government, cultural organizations and the public, from the Syrian refugee challenge to climate change. Students have formed their own society and research collective as part of MDS.

MDS continues to seek to mobilize Carleton’s research communities, catalyzing faculty and student collaboration towards quality grants and activities. It also offers teaching capacity and supervision for students across the university, and plans to expand in that area. MDS takes seriously Carleton’s place in Ottawa, and initiates as well as responds to innovation within research, policy and practitioner communities beyond the campus. MDS continues to grow its connections nationwide as well as globally, fostering links to researchers, experts, activists, migration and diasporic community organizations and migration centers.

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Nawel Haddad

Bonjour, je suis une femme Algérienne qui était née et grandis en Algérie, mais aussi a fait des études à l’étranger et à partir de la bàs j’ai réalisé que le développement des nations n’est pas une formule complexe,notamment pour un pays qui a un potentiel immense comme celui de l’Algérie parmi les facteurs composant ce potentiel le capital humain, je ne vise pas seulement les Algériens vivant en Algérie mais aussi ceux qui vivent à l’étranger.

Etant diplomate il me revient de charge d’être à la disposition de notre communauté à l’étranger mais je voudrais aussi contribuer dans la création de Bridges entre la Diaspora algérienne qui espèrent participer au développement du pays et les opportunités qui y existent.

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Adedayo Aderemi Adejare

lam a dynamic, flexible,friendly, pragmatic dude with customer oriented .l have passion for meeting new people,l have positive attitude,collected and human relation skill.l am in customer service field intending to improved on my skills and remained relevant in this ever dynamic business environment.

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Gugulethu Makhari

My name is Gugulethu Makhari. I am 33 yrs old, and a divorced mother of a 9 year old boy Zee, born South African. I am an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. I study Bachelor’s in business administration at Regenesys business school. I have my own initiative called ‘ Blessed to be a blessing’ that I started under my NGO ‘Ik’sasa Lethu Foundation’. I love life, I love people, I am an outgoing person, I love God ❤ I love travelling the world, I love cooking. I am a mentee to many young people in my neighbourhood. I also volunteer at an Aids centre every Tuesdays empowering young vulnerable people helping them with life skills and entrepreneurship. I speak and MC events sometimes. I enjoy and like being involved community projects. I also help the department of correctional services in planning their events. I run a company called meriweb, we source products manafactured in different countries, our strategy this year however is to rather promote African manufacturers overseas.

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Gugulethu Makhari

My name is Gugulethu Makhari. I am 33 yrs old, and a divorced mother of a 9 year old boy Zee, born South African. I am an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. I study Bachelor’s in business administration at Regenesys business school. I have my own initiative called ‘ Blessed to be a blessing’ that I started under my NGO ‘Ik’sasa Lethu Foundation’. I love life, I love people, I am an outgoing person, I love God ❤ I love travelling the world, I love cooking. I am a mentee to many young people in my neighbourhood. I also volunteer at an Aids centre every Tuesdays empowering young vulnerable people helping them with life skills and entrepreneurship. I speak and MC events sometimes. I enjoy and like being involved community projects. I also help the department of correctional services in planning their events. I run a company called meriweb, we source products manafactured in different countries, our strategy this year however is to rather promote African manufacturers overseas.

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Paulo Almeida

I am a single man a romantic passionate person wanting a long-lasting relationship. I believe communication and honesty are important. Since the week is filled with work I look forward to weekend trips and always a romantic dinner on Friday and or Sat. I enjoy the beach and watching the sunset over the ocean it is beautiful. I wish I could share it with someone special, open minded and great fun to be around. I have strong family values and morals, and I love adventures.

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Candles Garden

We are from Chennai, India establishing Diaspora with family tree and roots up to 7 generation records. Founded by Mr.A.Alexis since 1999 and growing day by day with Annual Ancestors Rememberance days including All Souls Day. Shortly publishing a book on same interest by its cofounder Anitha Dhana swamy.

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Emil Tchawe Hatcheu

Dr Hatcheu is founder and coordinator of JCAD International (Young Researcher associates for development) a Washington DC based organization of research for development .Before moved in Us Dr Hatcheu was associate professor and Director of the Laboratory of comparative research for Development ( LARCOD) in the Department of geography at the University of Dschang (Cameroon). His teaching and research interest focus on nonprofit management and involvement in development, civil society empowerment in Africa, urban governance, food security and sustainable development in Africa.
Dr Hatcheu is author of Understand governance (2013) and urban sprawl in Africa (2013), Food trade and traders in Douala (Cameroon) (2006) He produced a scientific documentary The Belly of Douala. Dr Hatcheu is an active member of the Association for Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA) since 2014. ROSCA, Assocition of Research on civil society in Africa He is now interested in the management of African nonprofits in the Washington Metropolitan area, the role of nonprofit and civil society organizations in delivering development process in Africa.
Dr Hatcheu received his Ph.D. in geography and his Masters in sociology and anthropology from the University of Paris Pantheon Sorbonne in France. a Master in Public administration from Strayer University Washington DC. Follow he at Twitter at: @HatcheuE and visit

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Milton Muriithi is a professional service provider offering insurance and other social services to Kenyans diaspora.
Based in Nairobi the company is especially keen on funeral insurance and had arranged one of its kind with a Kenyan leading insurer with death benefit payable of up to $ 20,000
Premiums start from as low as $ 50 per annum.
Kenyans in the diaspora can also cover their relatives back home and in the event of death of a relative the diaspora Kenyan is paid a cash limpsum to purchase return ticket to Kenya to attend burial or use the funds to assist their bereaved families financially without resorting to embarrassing fund raising.
Please visit our website for more info.

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European Forum for African Diaspora

My name is Jean -Bosco Senani 43 years old .
I am Burundian but also Swedish by Nationality i live in sweden since 2005.
I hold a master in Business law from Senegal Dakar Universitry (udb).

with friends and from diaspora in europe and european friend and partners we founded EFADI ( EUROPEAN FORUM FOR AFRICAN DIASPORA )
We wish to change the image of Africa and serve like ambassadors there we are and to let the World know Africa in positve way .
We are in all domains and with good partnership we can do it.
we diaspora also need good integration there we are and we can serve like model in the Community.

Our organization is Non profit one and we connect too people or Group with Project for Africa .
we are very Close to NGO , Governments , business people in Africa in more than 25 countries .
we welcome any who Think can participate with us to change Africa specialy American black diaspora who have roots in Africa , we say welcome home .

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Congolese women tosangana foundation mission is to improve and enhance participation, integration and empowerment of women in the society in which they live, to improve the quality of education in the Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC).
This goal is pursued through trainings especially for women and girls.
For improving the quality of education, in collaboration with foundation Bambale, Tosangana trains teachers and inspectors in Kinshasa in the active learning in March and October of each year.

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Zaynab Hoteit

A project assistant, Seeking to accomplish a research on Lebanese Diaspora by collecting data on national and international institutions relevant to Emigrant communities.

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Carlson Berenanda Connor

We are a relatively young organization, founded in 1996 in response to a very destructive hurricane that struck Anguilla on September 5th, 1995.
I served as Vice President for Nine years.Since then I have been duly elected as President from then until now.


The Anguilla Progressive Association of new York, Inc. (APANY) is a 501 (c) 3 corporation, charted in the State of New York by Anguillians to assist Anguillians at home and abroad, and whereas prominently included i that broad mission. APANY is committed to provide assistance for the educational social, economic and cultural need of Anguillians.

Some of our major goals are:

APANY strives to carry on the philanthropic ideas of the previous
organizations, such as The Anguilla Progressive Society of New York that
was started in New York in 1923; and the Sons an Daughters of Anguilla
of New Jersey. Membership in the Association is open to any person who
shares a common interest in promoting the goals and objective of the
Association. APANY also works with several organizations in Anguilla to
accept contributions in North America.

To conduct activities which are charitable, educational, and cultural
to unite all people who are interested in the island of Anguilla
To provide the goodwill and general welfare of its members
To provide assistance to persons in need
To activities for the elderly and youth
To provide scholarship awards
To provide mentors to assist and encourage students who receive scholarship.
To sponsor and support cultural programs in the performing and visual arts
To conduct activities which are charitable, educational and cultural in nature, both for our own members, and for
Anguillians, individuals and groups alike, wherever they reside.

our major vehicle for accomplishing these goals is through fund raising activities and gifts received from other charitable agencies in the US. Our activities are ongoing. The money raised from these activities is used primarily to purchase supplies and equipment for the youth of Anguilla. To this date, these are some of the activities in which we have been engaged.

Our most outstanding project for which we are raising funds is to build a community center in Anguilla. This center will replace the former one which was built by the Anguilla progressive Society of new York and the Sons and daughters of Anguilla in New Jersey, and which has now been incorporated in the Albena Lake Hodge Comprehensive School (ALHCS) to house their Music Department. We strive to carry on the philanthropic ideals of the previous organizations. When the Community Center with its theater and other meeting facilities,for seniors, the Anguilla Diabetic Association, its Olympic style swimming pool, and other sports facilities, would have been completed, we the members of APANY would have fulfilled the goal of repaying the former societies on behalf of the younger generations of Anguilla, and we would have fulfilled our goal of providing a venue for cultural programs in the performing and visual arts.

Our organization takes care of its members as well. We organize activities that keep us in contact with one another, giving us that moral support which we so often need in our sojourn away from home. We provide a forum where members can participate in activities that are cultural, social and economic. On an annual basis we honor hardworking and outstanding members,as well as Anguillians in general,wherever they reside, for their continued contributions to their respective communities or institutions where they serve with distinction. And though mentioned last, they are by no means the least, we recognize our high school and college graduates encourage them to forge ahead to achieve their educational goals.

On March 2012 , the Anguilla Progressive Association of New York, Inc. and the Optimist Club of Anguilla signed a MOU. The purpose of this MOU is to establish the general framework in which the Parties will collaborate. Under its overall mission, APANY is authorized to accept tax deductible contributions that may be use for any eligible charitable purpose in the United States and Anguilla.

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BRAC is a development success story, spreading solutions born in Bangladesh around the world – a global leader in creating opportunity for the world’s poor. What started out as a limited relief operation in 1972 in a remote village of Bangladesh has turned into the largest development organisation in the world. Organising the poor using communities’ own human and material resources, BRAC (formerly Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee) catalyses lasting change, creating an ecosystem in which the poor have the chance to seize control of their own lives. We do this with a holistic development approach geared toward inclusion, using tools like microfinance, education, healthcare, legal services, community empowerment, social enterprises and BRAC University. Our work now touches the lives of an estimated 135 million people, with staff and BRAC-trained entrepreneurs numbering in the hundreds of thousands, a global movement bringing change to 11 countries in Asia, Africa and the Caribbean.

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ZEDAKAH Entertainment

At ZEDAKAH we Specialise in Intellectual Property, all areas of Law & Legal Practice, Entertainment, Media, Education, Academics & Business Solutions Consultancy.

Our organisation prides itself with our Team of IP Consultants, Lawyers, Academics, Media & Communications Specialists, Administrators, Lecturers & Business Experts. With over 35years collective post-qualification experiences in Copyright Administration, Entertainment Business Development & Intellectual Property Law, Commercial Law, Taxation, International Law, Civil Law, Advocacy, Human Rights, & General Legal Practice, Delivering Professional Packages for Academia & Educational Institutions.

A Professional organisation, with avid legal minds and keen eyes for detail plus the ability to adapt our professional skills and experiences effectively. We Possess excellent advisory, interpretation, Training & Teaching skills. We are adaptable with competent administrative and management skills, able to achieve high targets.

We are ideal team players with good leadership qualities. Having developed deep knowledge and understanding of how Politics, Academics, Media, IT, Business & Law, can impact Society and their effects on the overall quality of life for all.

ZEDAKAH has a deep interest & passion for Intellectual Property & allied matters and how this Synergy of Businesses can be explored in the 21st Century Global Trade Platform.

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Yassa Yoniene Pierre

[Mukuba street no 12244, [Lusaka, 10101] | [+260963304779 | []
1. International Institute of Church Management Inc, Florida, USA,
[Ph.D. in Church leadership] [2013]
Dissertation: The managerial Roles of Pentecost Pastors in Lusaka Zambia.
Honors: Dissertation passed “with Distinction”
2. University of Lubumbashi
M.A. in Dermatology & Venereology 1990
3. University of Kinshasa
Bachelor degree in Medicine] 1982
4. Howard College, University of Kwazulu Natal, Durban, South Africa. 2010
Postgraduate Diploma in psychology/Health Promotion
5. University of Washington, Seattle 2013
Certificate in Principles of HIV/STI Research for PhD
6. University of Washington, Seattle. 2013
Certificate in HIV Management
7. People –Uni, UK 2010.
Public Health Certificate in Biostatistics, Evidence Based and Health

Professional membership, Oxford University] July 20114 – to Date
CDC Grant, CDC Atlanta, USA 2003 – 2011
University of Zambia, school of medicine, Lusaka]
Lecturer – Dermatology & Sexually transmitted infections, research methodology
2003 to date]
Developed curriculum of dermatology and venereology and overall course structure ]
Chreso University, health sciences, Lusaka) [2011 to 2013]
Developed curriculum, and administered all grades.]
Teaching masters students – to PhD in research proposal writing and dissertation

Afro European medical Research network. 2008 to date
Outreach programme and Continuous Education with WHO.

1. Head of department of dermatology & venereology and National STI Lab and HIV research intervention
0ctober 2001-01-2014
2. President of Afro –European Medical Research Network Zambia from 2008 to date

3. Honorary lecturer and head of department of dermatology and venereology at school of Medicine at university of Zambia. September 2003 to date
4. Consultant of Kara Counseling Center of Zambia: Conducted training HIV Behavioral and Biomedical and Behavioral Intervention Teaching to NGOs and ministry of health workers in Zambia funded by USAID funded projects and. 2008 to 2010
5. Head of Health Sciences at Chreso University in Lusaka 2010 to 2013
6. Technical advisor of sexually transmitted infection and condom working group of Ministry of Health of Zambia 2005 to date
7. Head of Dermatology and Venereology at Ngaliema Hospital in Kinshasa/ Congo DR 1990 to 2001
8. Head of Dermatology and Venereology at General Hospital in Kinshasa/ Congo DR April 1990 to September 1990


2. DESIGNING A SCALE FOR SCHIZOPHRENICS: QUALITY OF LIFE ASSESSMENT IN KINSHASA.[Original Research] [emedpub – Psychiatry and Mental Health: Vol 1:5] [Date of Publication: 08.18.2013] ISSN 2231-6019

5. High Prevalence of Trichomonas Vaginalis Among Hiv-Infected Women Attending Health Services In Lusaka, Zambia. [Original Research], [emedpub – International Infectious Diseases: Vol 1:10]
[DATE OF PUBLICATION: 07.08.2013] ISSN 2231-6019
6. Determinants Of Progression To Aids Among Black Africans In Kinshasa, Democratic Republic Of Congo. [Original Research– Psychiatry & Mental Health: Vol 2:1] [Date Of Publication: 01.28.2012] Issn 2231-6019, [Emedpub,Psycho-Social].
7. Prevalence Of Sexually Transmitted Infectious In Zambia, Iusti Africa, 2007,2

8. Treatment Of Uncomplicated Genital Gonorrhoea With Cotrimoxazole Double Strength Table, Medicine D’ Afrique Noire, 1985, 6.

9. Clinical Observations Of Chancroid, Medicine D’ Afrique Noire, 1990-25-28.
10. Results Of Treatment Of Genital Warts With Fluro-Uracyl 5% Cream, Medicine D’ Afrique 1990.
11. Cordylobia.Anthropophaga Infection In Zaire, Afrique Medicale, 1986,33, 339-401
12. Differential Diagnosis Of Leprosy In Zaire: Polskitygodsk Lekarshi, Pologne, 1985, 40,23,661-669
13. Pediatric Dermatology In Zaire, Polskitygodsk Lekarshi, Poland, 1985, 40, 23,500-505.

[French – native language]
[English – speak fluently and read/write with high proficiency]

• WHO Afro European Medical Research Networking, Bern from 2008 to date
• Board Member of International Union against Sexually Transmitted Infections Africa (IUSTI) , from 2005 to date.

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juiz Luis Filipe Filipe Melo e Silva

My name is Melo and Silva. I am 56 years old. At the university level concludes the Master in Public International Law (strand European Union law). Currently I find myself completing a doctoral thesis entitled: – “Refugee children in His rights challenges for the present and uncertain future.”.
At the professional level was a lawyer, a secondary school teacher and college at the University of Évora and Deputy Director of establishment Prison Pinheiro da Cruz. I am currently a Judge of the Criminal Law Judicial Court of Setúbal in Portugal, having previous experience as the jurisdiction of family and minors in the Court of Sines.
In terms of training I try to attend all activities contributing to improve my knowledge and provide contacts with other experiments as in Trier, Germany (ERA).
Behold synthesis in a career of 36 years of effective activity and no absence from the public service that I have played with panache, loyalty, devotion and surrender.

O meu nome é Melo e Silva. tenho 56 anos de idade. No plano universitário conclui o Mestrado em Direito Internacional Público (vertente direito da União Europeia). Actualmente encontro-me a concluir uma tese de doutoramento subordinada ao tema: – ” As crianças refugiadas. Seus direitos no presente e desafios para o futuro incerto”.
No plano profissional fui advogado, professor do ensino secundário e universitário na Universidade de Évora e director adjunto de estabelecimento Prisional de Pinheiro da Cruz. Actualmente sou Juiz de Direito criminal no Tribunal Judicial de Setúbal, em Portugal, tendo como anterior experiência a jurisdição de familia e menores no Tribunal de Sines.
Em termos de formação profissional procuro frequentar todas as acções que concorram para melhorem os meus conhecimentos e proporcionarem contactos com outras experiências como acontece em Trier, na Alemanha (ERA).
Eis em sintese uma carreira de 36 anos de actividade efectiva e sem nenhuma falta de comparência ao serviço público que tenho desempenhado com brio, lealdade, entrega e devoção.

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Wilson Kibet koskei

First And First Capital Group Of Companies Is An Online Educational Co, Founded In 2007 By W.k.koskei To Help Educate, Teach, Train, & Inspire Kenya and African Youth Born in 1989 On-wards On How To Turn Their Ideas Into Money Online. By Becoming Online Entrepreneurs!IDEAS=CAPITAL.

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Lamyaa Abdellateef

Objective: Obtain a position within a reputable organization through which I can utilize my practical experiences, training and education, in building my career path and adding value for my job.
October 2012 – Present UNHCR – Protection Assistant – Cairo, Egypt
Developing and maintaining a good understanding of the humanitarian situation in places of detention through collection and analysis of information received from various sources
Visiting detention centers in accordance with Ministry of foreigner affairs, Ministry of interior affairs and partners if needed.
Intervene in written or verbal on behave of detainees, promoting relevant laws and standards with the authorities addressing humanitarian concerns.
Victims Of Trafficking program Focal point including reporting, coordination between UNHCR and other partners.
Support the planning and implementation of the VOT program strategies and activities as outlined in
Managing all the required VOT program documentations
Support timely VOT program review, revisions, monitoring and completion of related reporting Obligations
Preparing regular reports about VOT progress and sharing annual performance with UNHCR HQ.
Conducting protection interview to POC, drafting interview assessment with protection recommendation.
Support the protection unit in designing a comprehensive protection strategy
Provide quality, timely and effective protection responses to persons of concern
Liaise externally with local authorities and partners on correspondence and/or protection issues
Facilitate the involvement of persons of concern with the Office in making decisions that affect them
Build and maintain effective interfaces with communities of concern, local authorities and protection and assistance partners
Consistently apply International and National Law and applicable UN/UNHCR and IASC policy, standards and codes of conduct.
Provide functional and administrative support in all protection related AGD based programming with implementing and operational partners.
Provide functional and administrative support in implementing participatory approaches, needs assessments, monitoring, reporting and case management.
Support assessments on durable solutions through voluntary repatriation, local integration and where appropriate, resettlement.
Facilitate liaison with competent authorities for the issuance of personal and other relevant documents.
Assist in drafting reports, correspondence, updating relevant databases and compiling statistics for the protection unit/section.
Select persons of concern for preliminary interviews and decide which relevant information to share.
Enforce integrity in the delivery of protection services by local implementing partners.
Delivering protection training to UNHCR staff promoting protection standards and awareness.

Registration Assistant Cairo, Egypt

Reviewing asylum-seeker applications, verifying data and capturing photos during mobile registration missions in order to issue Asylum-Seeker cards.
Update and validate registration data in UNHCR’s data base ‘proGres’
Preparing asylum-seeker and refugees statistical reports for Registration Team Leader.
Acting as SPOC for issuing all the kind of letters requested by the applicants such as School letters, driving license, etc.
Issuing all the kind of appointments required from asylum-seeker and refugees received through reception.
Issuing and sending closure letters to Ministry of Foreign affairs.
Professional Experience
December 2010 – Present
Freelance Trainer & Business Coach
Actively delivering in class training
Professionally preparing TNA & ensure achieving the targeted ROI
Efficiently research and develop activities relevant to enhancing and updating soft and technical skills training material
Professionally preparing power point slide show for presentations, handbooks for participants and trainer guides
Efficiently Preparing training feedback forms
Professionally delivering TOT to new trainers and evaluating their performance

August 2010 – June 2011 IKDynamics Cairo, Egypt
Process Improvement & CRM Lead
Professionally develop strong working relationship with cross functional management and team members.
Effectively Identify, document, and baseline core business processes (business and technical), establish metrics, control plans, and reporting mechanisms with end-to-end focus.
Effectively work closely with business units to assess weaknesses in the current state and help develop future state process through Enterprise tools and methodologies.
Actively implement the future state into ongoing operations.
Lead and manage cross-functional teams to identify, prioritize, plan, and implement process improvement opportunities consistent with the current strategies.
Formulate goals and plans for short and long term success
Apply best practices for introducing, driving, and sustaining change initiatives
Lead multiple PI projects simultaneously and provide mentoring and coaching to business unit teams.
Regularly provide project status updates to PI Leadership, project sponsors, and stakeholders.
Ensures departmental productivity improvement goals are met.
Contribute to the ongoing development and enforcement of the various PI tools and techniques.
March 2003 – July 2010

Vodafone Egypt Cairo, Egypt
CS Senior Representative/ Shift Leader, Complaint & Retention
Conducted induction training to newly joined employees
Actively acted as Shift leader and exceeded Agreed Service Level.
Professionally reported daily/ Weekly & Monthly operational performance to management.
Efficiently delegated as team manager in order to handle the team daily issues and external customer’s complaint while maintaining both internal & External customer satisfaction.
Professionally provided on target feedback to team members in order to assure smooth workflow
Efficiently attended User Acceptance Test for new CRM applications, prepaid systems, products, services and revamp (i.e. Siebel database migration, Skill Base routing, website revamp, new postpaid rateplans, new summer promos, Siebel enhancements, Prepaid systems migration)
Efficiently contributed in gap analysis phase and reported user experience problems may arise after launch.
Efficiently handled monthly CEO Complaint analysis report
Actively acted as the SPOC within customer care for coverage complaints
Provided sufficient feedback to customers on timely manner
Proactively supported complaints and retention teams in handling all types of complaints
Actively acted as the SPOC within call center for behavior, wrong transaction and wrong information for Core and Medium customers
Effectively handled all Customers complaints received through Siebel, E-mail, written complains, CEO office, NTRA, escalated calls and walk-in area within agreed SLA
Provided new ideas to enhance many services and promotions
Successfully achieved a high rate in retaining complaining customers based on their value

Blended Call Center Senior Agent
Efficiently initiated and operated Blended Training Committee team in order to improve team members performance.
Actively Participated in User Acceptance Test for new CRM applications, prepaid systems, products, services and revamp.
Proactively supported different customer care functions
Efficiently handled different tasks, and responsibilities that varied between inbound, outbound, off-board & taskforce
Actively participated in piloting new activities for frontline support
Actively participated in Blended Training Committee
Proficiently assigned as outbound campaign team leader with people management activities and interviewing new staff.

Lifecycle Management- Outbound Campaign Representative
Proficiently owned and managed customer relation via efficient in/out-bound calls in a timely manner.
Successfully achieved main target of retaining customers’ loyalty and keeping customer awareness about new promotions and services.
Provided excellent quality service standards.
Fully took ownership for each case and followed up with customers, liased with the other departments to resolve customers’ problems.
Successfully upsold products, services via outbound calls
Efficiently handled team filing, social events, meeting minutes and monthly reports
Actively supported Complaint Management Team
Conducted interviews for new candidates to join outbound campaign team
Conducted training for new candidates

Customer Service Representative
Conducted training sessions for newly launched products.
Attended to inbound customers’ inquiries
Successfully solved customers’ problems
Actively promoted new products and services and educated customers on using them
Updated customers’ information on contact management systems
Supported high value queue
Supported technical support queue
Successfully acted as delegate during supervisor leave
Handled time sheets, social events and leaves
2002-2003 Rehamco Co. Cairo, Egypt
Executive Secretary
Reported to sales director
Handled all correspondences
Translated from and to English
Operated Internet-related activities
Filed and organized documents
2002 Joly Optics Cairo, Egypt
Executive Secretary
Reported to chairman of the board
Coordinated with companies in Europe
Supervised three branches in Cairo
Handled bookkeeping and recorded daily purchases in account books
arranged and scheduled meetings and appointments
managed events
handled travel arrangements including flights and hotel reservation
Managed PR activities
2001 MICSIT(Egypt Office) Toronto, Canada
Executive Secretary
Coordinated between head office and MEA clients
Performed all administrative tasks
Ensured smooth workload and adequate communication with all parties
Skills & Knowledge Areas

Human trafficking and Victim Identification
Credibility assessment
COI and COA information research techniques
International protection
Analyses and reporting
Training, Development and Facilitation
People Management
Crises Management
Customer Retentions
Analysis and Reporting
customer Care Projects
Customer Retentions
Business requirements revision & gap analysis
Building test cases
Testing product against requirements
Knowledge of software lifecycle
CRM & Call Center Systems
Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, Power Point).
Microsoft Project
Microsoft Visio
Internet literacy
CRM& call center systems background.

Building win-win relationships with your team
UN Programme On The Prevention Of Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Abuse Of Authority
Protection induction program
Advanced security in the field
Basic Security in the field
Fraud & Documentations ( The Australian Embassy in Cairo)
Child Protection
Victim of Trafficking
Internally Displaced Persons
Survivor of torture
TOT ( Microsfot Certified )
Customer Relationship Management CRM.
Vodafone Live Service
Black Berry Service
Mobile office
How to Build a Successful Business Plan
Introduction to Marketing (Phillip Kotler)
Emotional Intelligence
Presentation Skills
Negotiation Skills
Public Speaking
I’ll Have a vision
I’ll leave a legacy
Stress management
Education 2000 BA in Business Administration Cairo, Egypt
Ain Shams University
Professional Certificates
Mini MBA in Project Management (PMI certified)

Mini MBA in HR Management (HRCI certified)
Corporate Social Responsibility Volunteering
Youth Leadership Initiative facilitator
Handcraft workshop preparation Olive Groove School – Mississauga, Canada
Events planning


Arabic Native
English Excellent
German Fair

Awards Golden Award Most Distinguished Employee Performance 2008 ( Vodafone Egypt )
Certificate of gratitude for organizing The Egyptian National Special Needs Olympics 2010 ( The Games Federation with special needs)
Certificate of Appreciation as Information Desk Team Leader for the World Refugees Day 2012 ( CRS )
Certificate of Appreciation for outstanding contribution in the Training & Career Guidance Program ( AYB-SD )

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Narina Mashfig

Mobile: Syrian 00963-966-614 617, Jordanian: 00962-790-696571, E-mail:,

BA English Literature graduate with more than ten years experience.

I am looking for a challenging job that could help me develop my skills further and broaden my experience more.

I would like to show that working for a well known institution like yours would be a continuation of my previous path and at the same time a major challenge for me for the years to come.
Education and Main Qualification
Bachelor of Arts and Human Sciences, English Literature, Al Baath University-Homs- Syria

Professional Experience

May 2011- Feb.2014 Trade Finance & Financing Dep.
Al Baraka Bank Syria
Trade Finance/LG Officer:
1- Prepare LG instruments, swift letters and execute the deduction of charges and fees on system.
2- Follow up the finished LG to cancel or extend it according to each case.
3- Prepare the financial and other requested reports.

Trade Finance/BC Officer:
1- Prepare BC Instruments, their settlements, swift letters, and execute the deduction of charges and fees on system.
2- Prepare the financial and other requested reports.

Operations/Financing Dep.:
1- Execute the financing, Ijara, and Musharaka deals.
2- Prepare contracts, draft, and instalment tables.
3- Follow up with insurance Co. for the issuing of polices.
4- Check on the financial fees reports.

2 June 2009- April2011 Operation Officer/Admin Assistant of Assitant CEO
Al Baraka Bank Syria
After the opening of the Bank:

Responsibilities as Operation Officer:
5- Prepare LG instruments,their swift letters and execute taking charges and commissions on system.
6- Prepare BC Instruments, their settlement swifts,and execute charges and fees on system.
7- Execute Trade & Investment of financing deals.

Responsibilities as Assistant:
1- Prepare all business correspondence (letters, Purchase orders, Minutes of meetings, Mails Registers).
2- Management office supplies and maintenance.
3- Follow up all requested tasks with operation team and others departments.
4- Filing documents.

Before and during the IPO Stage:


– Follow up with all business correspondence; (Mails, books, internal memos, invoices) for operation, HR, and IT Departments.
– Assist the HR Manager in several issues during IPO stage.
– Set up a filing system for Cv.s.
– Help in the Preparation of the procedures and policies.
– Translating the IT Policy.

1 Feb. 2008- 31 May 2009 Sales and Marketing Manager Assistant
Elsewedy Cables- Syria
Mezza Autostrade-Damascus-Syria

– Follow up with all business correspondence; (Mails, books, internal memos).
– Responsible on contract review Cycle, and following up the study of customers’ offers (technical and price ones).
– Prepare quotations and pricing.
– Prepare proforma Invoice& packing list for export orders.
– Follow up with the client to receive the down payment or LC draft then check & confirm it with export department.
– Issuing of Manufacturing Orders, and follow up its finishing till it reach the customers.
– Filing orders according to ISO system.
– Coordinate export issues with the export department between Syrian branch & other branches world wide.
– Fix the CU price according to the LME (London Metal Exchange).
– Responsible on organizing the participation of our company in exhibitions, and following up all related issues.

2007-2008 Executive Secretary
DEIR ALI Combined Cycle Power Plant
SIEMENS – ASTE-PED, Damascus, Syria.

– Writing up all business correspondence, reports, and assessments.
– Preparation of Quotations and pricing.
– Scheduling and arranging for meetings and make travel arrangements
– Organizing and maintaining various administrative, reference, and follow-up files
– Interpretation and translation (English/Arabic);
– Filing, typing and other ad hoc tasks.

2006-2007 Executive Secretary
Maya Co., Damascus, Syria

– Management of the Commercial website (
– Set up the business website;
– Communicating with commercial companies;
– Promotion of the website;
– Develop business ideas to include in the website services.
– Writing up business correspondence
– Preparation for bid documentations
– Management of the Filing System
– Preparation of reports.

2003-2006 Office Manager/Executive Secretary
TAS Industrial Est, Homs, Syria

– Writing up all business correspondence;
– Dealing with home and overseas inquiries;
– Communicating with local and foreign suppliers/contractors and new business dealers;
– Preparation of Quotations and pricing;
– Preparation of orders and follow up on payment and delivery;
– Interpretation and translation (English/Arabic);
– Filing, typing and other ad hoc tasks;

Professional Training Courses

Aug 05 Secretarial skills, Syrian European Business Center, SEBC
Sept 05 Communication and Interaction Skills, Syrian European Business Center, SEBC
2006 Various NLP Courses
2007 PMP Course, New Horizons.


Computer skills: MS-Office: Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, and Familiar with on-line research
Language skills: Arabic (Mother Tongue)
English (Fluent)
German (Fair)
Communication skill: Excellent organizational communication skills
Other Skills: Team player
Ability to work in international environment.

Attending NLP and self development courses.
Personal Details
Date of birth: 1981
Nationality: Syrian
Marital Status: Single
Contact numbers: Mobile: 00963-966-614617,Jordanian: 00962-790-696571,

Mr. Fadi Zakaria
Head of Operations Department at alBaraka Bank Syria
Tel:00963-944-344577, E-mail:

Mr. Anas Kharrat
IT Strategy and Governance Consultant at AlBaraka Turk Participation Bank
Tel: 00905339282634, E-mail:

Mr. Khalil Khair
E-Channels Manager at Al Baraka Bank, Syria
Tel: +1 6308544144, E-mail:

Mr. Shehade Mozahem
Chief Accountant – Al Baraka Bank Syria
Tel: 00905369544669, E-mail:

Mr. Mahmood Mohammad Jarwan
Executive Manager – Head Office – Jordan Islamic Bank .
Tel: 00962795680410, E-mail:

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Liberia Strategic Agency for Investment and DevelopmentLISAID

1. Education – LISAID provides scholarship as well as scholarships information, prepares and submits scholarship applications to university of choice or schools in order ease admission process

2. Sports – LISAID connects professional sports athletes to professional clubs in Liberia, Spain, England, Germany, Portugal, Brazil and Australia for the purpose of an athlete reaching his or full potential

3. Agriculture – LISAID negotiates for agricultural land on behalf of its clients and provide information on global agricultural imports and exports trade between states with free-trade-agreements

4. Real Estate Management – LISAID identifies economies in which housing and real estates are profitable and advises investors of such information

5. Mining – LISAID advises investors of regions where goal, diamond, silver and alumni are in high depository and low prices as well as labourer. And also recruits labourers so that investors are not overwhelmed with rigorous process of social corporate responsibilities

6. Transportation – LISAID provides information to investors where transportation are in limited supplies and connects clients with relevant authorities to invest

7. Textiles and Sowing – LISAID links investors with schools, security agencies, corporate offices to provide uniforms of all kinds that benefit all parties with the underlying assumption of profitability and cost saving for consumers and suppliers.

8. Information Technology – LISAID creates opportunities for investors to share information from any part of the World. And also the introduction of “International Business Machines” that reduces financial impropriety in a firm/company.

9. Procurement – LISAID provides non-governmental organizations, business and government agencies with adequate methods of procurement; which reduces overspending on goods & services.

10. Banking and Investment – LISAID provides banking opportunities to businesses and individuals who are searching for secure financial institutions, shares and attractive interest and borrowing rates. And also negotiates flexible payment scheme in times of default without extending rates.

11. Advertising and Marketing – LISAID provides adequate advertising platform for business entities in order to increase sales, increase marginal profit and compete with those within the same industries.

12. Housing Construction – LISAID provides specialists in all areas of construction along with construction tools to its clients. And recruits labourers at an affordable cost and complete jobs on schedule.

LISAID’s investment management guide is not model on the basis of one-size-fits-all. LISAID looks at individual investor’s interest and the prevailing economic situation in which a particular investment is targeted. This approach provides various pieces of empirical evidence and experiences from two(2) to five(5) years before drafting a model that suits a client. Each client is considered as a unique investor. Therefore, our investment specialists are trained to lead you from the very beginning to the end where you are comfortable enough to take initiatives.

LISAID’s investment model has gained the much needed reputations over the years as a result of record level of sustainability and development in areas that LISAID leads its clients. LISAID’s investment model is contemporary due to its flexibility and extensive research strength in all chosen business industries.

LISAID utilizes the knowledge and experiences of successful professionals to train, mentor, educate and assist investors and clients who have expressed their desires to become a part of LISAID’s Capacity Building Scheme (CBS). LISAID also provides free information packages and monthly newsletters to its clients on current investment portfolios in order to keep clients informed of changing Global phenomena.

At LISAID, minimum consultancy and investment portfolio management fees are charged in order to facilitate external consultation, facilitation, networking, meeting, corporate profile development, public relations, coordination, research materials, and reports. These activities, programs and functions are undertaken by LISAID for and on behalf of investors and developers so that our clients can look after the most important aspect of your investment. With these arrangements put in place with previous clients, we have taken proud that LISAID has provided a perfect business solution in a real World.

LISAID is a developmental oriented company. LISAID works with its clients to initiate joint development projects that are agreed upon. Alternatively, LISAID is capable drafting and developing a proposed project that is development oriented that is profit driven. In our development oriented projects, LISAID provides both tools and labourers support to specific projects that are within its consultation portfolios and clients provides materials that produces project outcome.

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